A 100 Giro d’Italia’s

100 Giro d'Italia

A 100 Giro d’Italia ‘s is on us. This year celebrates 100 editions of this amazing race. The first edition was held in 1909. Pictured in our tribute is the first ever winner, Luigi Ganna. He was born in Induno Olona, near Varese, in Lombardy. Before becoming a professional cyclist, he worked as a bricklayer, commuting up to 100 km to work by bike. Hard.

This 100th edition started on 5 May in Alghero on the island of Sardinia and ends on 28 May in Milan. If you’re a UK reader you can watch the highlights on Freeview channel Quest.

We will drop some fun posts during the race with facts and iconic images from historic editions.

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