A morning with Legend Bicycles

On Saturday morning we visited Bike Science in Bristol for an introduction to Legend Bicycles and to see a few different models from their custom Italian-built range. Legend was created in 2009 by Marco Bertoletti, a frame-builder with 38 years of experience building bicycles in Italy. Marco started out designing and developing bikes for some of the Europe’s most famous cycle brands in 1989. Working his way up from apprentice to head builder at a famous Italian brand.

Legend Bicycles make bespoke bicycles from carbon, titanium and steel by hand in their Bergamo factory. Built to your measurements and requirements, these frames are truly unique. The attention to detail and finish on these frames are a testament to Marco’s experience and passion. The titanium frames are so smooth, it’s hard to believe they were constructed from individual tubes.

Legend Venticinquesimo Titanium

Legend Venticinquesimo

The Legend ‘Venticinquesimo’ which translates to ’25th’ is a work of art, a celebration of frame building. This frameset features Marco Bertoletti’s signature smooth welds combined with hand built 3K carbon custom tube set for the main triangle.

The grade 9 titanium is welded in an inert gas chamber before each weld is lovingly hand finished until almost invisible. When you’re not admiring the Venticinquesimo, it also performs remarkably well, offering a rigid and responsive yet very comfortable frame, perfect for long days in the saddle.

Legend IL Re Titanium

Legend IL Re Titanium

The Legend IL Re is the ‘King’ of the Legend range. It’s built using the same methods of welding as the Venticinquesimo but made entirely from grade 9 Titanium. The IL Re is rigid and responsive yet very comfortable, perfect for long days in the saddle, racing, sportive/grand fondo’s or just enjoying the bike.

Legend Bicycles HT 9.5

Legend HT 9.5

The Legend HT 9.5 is at the top end of their carbon range, second only to the 10.5. A very reactive and responsive frame with optimal rigidity. Perfect stability on fast descents, built to race under the most demanding environments. The frameset is constructed from a custom carbon tube set, 3K multi-axis carbon with UD carbon, individually moulded in high pressure autoclave in Italy to each customer’s requirement and Legend’s design. Internally moulded “tubes” for cable routing.

You can find out more about Legend Bicycles on their website or head over to Bike Science to find out more about the fitting process.

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