A short journey by Chris Boardman

Watch this film by Chris Boardman of a short trip along a road on his bike. It highlights how bike paths are not thought about and alternate routes at junctions that are marked out for cyclists are inappropriate. I use shared bike paths on my commute but i’m never a fan as the little blue sign is missed by drivers who think you’re just riding on the pavement. We know the marked bike paths are pointless in lots of situations at he moment (this one is better than so many) and he will be highlighing this at his appearance for the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ Parliamentary Inquiry. Good luck Chris, fingers crossed time’s are changing!

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  • Dupery boughton

    2 things. What’s the point in the cycle path finishing then re starting on on the same road, it’s like 20 metres gap, the paint must have run out? And also the path taking you onto the pavement straight into the sign legs which is stupid! Other than that your clutching at straws! “Un even surface” by the signs. “Taken me of my desired route”, onto a path with pedestrians, there was no one there, I think it’s a small price to pay as it takes u off the roundabout and a little bit off route but roundabouts are notoriously bad for cyclists! I much prefer a safer detour can’t believe you moaned about it. Yes you have made a couple of good points and highlighted the fact that councils don’t really have a clue about layouts but the feeling I got was that you felt hard done by – I’m a cyclist too and you have to realise, until we pay a cycling tax which obviously i don’t, we don’t have a say in the councils or governments mad cycling schemes unfortunately,

  • Ali

    The point of this short is to emphasise that infrastructure for bikes is an afterthought and often more dangerous than none. To that end, this film works.

    For bike commuters to be able to make a smooth, consistent and safe journey, then on road/off-road, through the legs of signposts, painted lane then no painted lane – with no warning for bikes or cars alike is not a desirable situation. It is only by treating all traffic – pedestrian, bike or car, with the same weight, that a truly useful solution can be found. Roads are paid for out of general taxation, not Vehicle Excise Duty.

    Oh, and we do have a right to a say in any council business – we vote them in, we decide whether they stay in office. That’s how democracy works.

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