Adidas x 5th Floor

Adidas x 5th Floor
What?! Adidas x 5th Floor! The 5th Floor have really gone and done it this season. The new kit is awesome but, more than that it’s made by Adidas, who have a long history in making cycling gear. I will always think of Big Jan in the Telekom kit when it comes to iconic Adidas, talking of iconic, the kit has the three stripes along with the styling from The 5th Floor. The kit is looking really good visually but, given that it’s made by Adidas it’s also heavy of the technicals. We couldn’t be more happy for the guys, they have really made great efforts to bring something interesting to the cycling scene and we hope they continue. See more details over at

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  • akastana

    so it’s made by Nalini/MOA then…