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Ass Savers Art

Well, it’s been a while. We decided to take a bit of a break but, I’m back and were still looking to improve the site, the trouble is time. None of have enough spare time to work on the site. Anyone out there who wants to support us?

That aside, we receive cycling related art, were always motivated to post it, regardless. That was most definitely the case with Ass Savers Art and Illustrator Enisaurus teaming up.

Ass Savers Art

If you want to get immersed in the story and find out more about the collaboration between Enisaurus and Ass Savers, you can in an extensive interview here.

Or if you just want to get your hands on some fine goods…

Three different Ass Savers designs by Enisaurus and a beautifully matching bandana are now available in a special edition gift box online at for just €45. Items are also sold separately. Enjoy!

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