Ben Weaver Surrounding Water

Music and bicycles always seems right to me, Ben Weaver’s Surrounding Water is such a thing.

One June 8th, St. Paul musician Ben Weaver will leave for a 16 day, 1300 mile bike and stewardship tour to raise awareness about the state of our nation’s fresh water. The tour is a collaboration between Mr. Weaver and The Great Lakes Commons. The tour features 13 performances across two countries and most will take place in state and provincial parks. Weaver’s first stop will be in Bayfield, WI, and hosted by Bayfield Bike Route.

With events hosted by the Sierra Club, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Save the Wild UP, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and more, Weaver’s work obviously strikes a common chord and he proves himself to be a master cat herder.

The tour also marks the digital release of Weaver’s eighth studio album, “I Would Rather Be A Buffalo”. Originally released by Hymie’s record label on vinyl, only 500 record will pressed. The release will be on itunes and most other major music download services.

Surrounding Water is Weaver’s 2nd major mash-up of advocacy and bike touring. Last fall’s “All The River” tour was a 21 day, 1400 mile tour to New Orleans, where Weaver performed and did clean-up project at many locations including the Aldo Leopold Middle School, Burlington, IA.

You can follow Weaver’s progress via his Instagram account and locally in the Twin Cities, a photo installation will be in place at Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar.

Additional tour supporters include: Banjo Brothers, Salsa Cycles, Bunyan Velo, Granite Gear, Search and State, Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar Red Table Meat Co.

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