Beyond the fifth man

I love team time trials (TTT) the kit, the tactics and the weak links. The most splendid looking team today was Sky in the black with blue stripes, slick (well it is Rapha after all). And boy did they put in a good effort? Ok they didn’t win. Poor old Geraint Thomas with a fractured pelvis riding with the team until the 1km mark. Hero. Froome took a sneaky lead on his rivals without any pressure, tactics played well. Green Edge are really making the most of this first week! I hope the Australians are soaking it up – Superb effort and I’m sure Simon Gerrans and his team will do everything to stay in yellow – for now. I bet a few GC riders are wondering after today, but as we all know the sparks won’t fly until just yet…

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  • KG

    I was just wondering the other day whether Sky’s TT suits are actually made by Rapha, like the rest of the kit, or just branded? Can anyone confirm?

    …And if it is, when will Rapha start selling it and posting black & white photos of guys TT-ing through “epic” scenery?

    • Steve

      I believe they are made by Rapha, or at least in conjunction with another company… Doubt to see them for general sale though.

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