Bike meets electronics

Things like this are great. I’m unlikely to want all that clunky shite all over my bike but, it’s damn cool ectronics geekery for the home hobby bobby. What it really gets me thinking about is why don’t more bikes come with electrical generation embedded in? Ok maybe not on your Cervelo but, on a tourer or commuter bike it makes sense. What’s that you say? Oh dynamo hubs… Yea sure, but they don’t even come as standard and it’s not integrated enough for me. Maybe in the near future we might start seeing this type of energy generating electronics built in to bikes as standard? We all have mobile phones, right? It’s not like any of this is new. So it’s about time it was built in to bikes that are fit for purpose.

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  • Atlaz

    There’s a few hub dynamos that you can use to power USB devices. A lot of the endurance riders use them for GPS and lights. I reckon with a friendly mechanic you could even internally route all the cables.

  • They come as standard in countries that use the bike as transport. integrated wiring too. Its only countries like ours that are obsessed with weight and assume we will magically never ride when its dark that put up with lighting as an addition not a built in basic.

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