Mercredi Sausage Camo is dog friendly

Sausage Camo

Mercredi Sausage Camo is a very cool CX bike from frame builder Adeline O’Moreau. Mercredi is her bike building business, that has a take on how she believes things should be done. “I make bikes to be ridden, not show bikes. That’s why I will never file my filets. But don’t worry, I make very good looking joints straight off the torch. If I spent time smoothing out the joints, the feeling of the ride wouldn’t change. But the bike would become a ton more expensive. If it becomes a ton more expensive, you are a lot less likely to ride it very hard. And that would be a real shame.” and that my friends is a good thing. In case you missed, she was at Bespoked 2017 and some of her work can been seen here.

The Sausage Camo bike came about to be a; long and low, fast and responsive, innocent looking but absolutely unstoppable CX machine. Then something mad happened. In Adeline’s own words; “So when we started designing the paint, I asked Robin – “do you trust me? I’ve got an idea, but I don’t think I can explain it”

And he did trust me.

So I got in touch with friend and amazing illustrator Thomas Slater who was immediately seduced by the idea. I think he is, like Robin and I are, a little bit Sausage Dog in spirit.

The last ingredient we needed was paint. The guys at Cole Coatings came up with a clever twist on your usual candy, and used the different amount of paint to bring depth to the #sausagedogcamo. 87 dogs. On such a small bike.The reasult – a great racing bike capable to handle entire days off road too.

Robin’s got mad plan for this bike: Dirty Reiver, 3Peaks and Griduro, the local CX leagues as well as the gruelling Echapée Escapades, brought to you by London’s nicest bunch: Sunday Echapée.It’s made of Columbus Zona tubes with Columbus MUD forks. In fact, it also features a super special Sausage Dove logo, a flying dog tribute to Columbus’ iconic Dove. I loved designing that one so much that I also turned it into a pin badge. It’s kitted out with Hope’s XC 29er hoops and headset, Sram Rival group set and Fizik finishing kit.Same again, innocent looking but meanly determined.

We took those photos with Giles Smith and the help of Phil from Sausage Dog Hotel.

TIC and Kask collaboration

The TIC and Kask collaboration has recently been launched and as always it’s looking very nice. TIC first started talking with Kask back in 2015. Instantly TIC found that both brands shared complimentary goals and beliefs. TIC have been lucky enough to wear and test pretty much every top end helmet available, and can say categorically that the Kask Protone is their helmet of choice.

TIC are delighted to announce the launch of the TICCC edition Kask Protone, together with the launch of the Grimpeur kit. This helmet makes the perfect compliment for what TIC believe is their best looking, performance kit yet. Both helmet and kit are available on our website to buy.

TIC and Kask collaboration

To celebrate the launch we running a #newkitday competition and giving away a matching kit and helmet. The competition can be entered via the following link Entries are now open until Sunday 14th May, 2017.

Donhou x Kibosh Team Bikes

“World renowned and multi award winning frame builder Tom Donhou has teamed up with a bunch of good old boy race heads from the South West – Kibosh Racing.

In homeage to a shared love of motor racing’s golden era when guts meant glory, Tom and the team have crafted a fleet of high speed steel machines fit for the front of the peloton.”

There’s not many team riders that get their hands dirty building their own machines, grafting before they’ve even stepped astride their bike, earning the closest connection possible with the machine they’ll ride and race. The boys were working late into the evenings in Donhou’s east London workshop, drilling, mitering, prep’ing and carrying out the all important beer and pizza runs, helping turn a collection of tubes into something fit for lighting it up at the front of the bunch. Under the watchful eye of Tom Donhou they helped craft their own stunning steel race machines.

Built from a mix of Columbus HSS and Spirit tubing and utilising the world’s lightest steel dropouts, Donhou has pieced together a fit for purpose bike with both punch and glide. The frames feature an opposed oval teardrop down tube and heavily ovalised top tube, with wide set stays putting stiffness where it’s needed, all with that feel of a finely tuned steel machine.

The bikes are finished off with the excellent new Columbus Futura fork and Ritchey WCS wheels and finishing kit, all of them dressed in Donhou’s famed deep glossy paint, taking obvious cues from a certain womanising race car drivers ‘77 F1 McLaren.

As for the team, you won’t see them warming up on the turbo. They’d rather crash and burn than play safe, hungry for the art of racing, when racing was about guts, not incremental gains… and of course, the cold beer at the finish line.

Kibosh Racing, punching above their weight since 2016, coming to a local road race soon.


Cafe Du Cycliste Colour Collection

Cafe Du Cycliste Colour Collection

The Cafe Du Cycliste Colour Collection is splashing the bright hues over their summer kit. This is still some very stylish kit and the colours are considered, so bright but not gaudy. Take the Marine jersey, with added compression for a closer race fit and additional muscle support. There is a reinforced pocket structure, with three cargo pockets and a zipped valuables pocket. A reflective element aids visibility in low light conditions while the rear of the jersey also features their ‘No Signal’ colour collection badge.

The jersey goes well with Marinette bib shorts they use the very best, top of the range Cytech pad. Designed for ultimate comfort, the bibs are built using the latest technology and premium fabrics to produce a short which strikes exactly the right balance between stretch and support.

Cafe Du Cycliste Colour Collection


Don’t forget the socks! They are constructed from a specially selected technical blend designed to be durable, breathable, high wicking and fast drying. Anti-blister yarn is included for added comfort and there is a ventilated upper section for additional temperature control.Made in Italy too. Fancy.

Cafe Du Cycliste Colour Collection

Boba Fett Bike by Caletti Cycles

Ever seen a Boba Fett bike before? Us neither and never one with such class and quality behind that Star Wars bounty hunter themed paint work. Built What on the surface could be a rather naff idea, is actually a very well executed design.

The project was a collaboration between John Caletti,, Peter Thomsen and Oliver Cleveland. John designed and fabricated the frame to his legendary standard. Peter created the design (and took the photos). Oliver Cleveland with Dark Matter Finishing, applied the paint.

I can’t see many people dissing this bike. And if the hand-built frame, paint work and overall design wasn’t enough the spec just blows it away (pun intended).

It comes kitted with;

  • SRAM FORCE group (172.5mm cranks, 34/50 rings, 11-28 cassette)
  • Jones Precision Wheels (Gold! Chris King R45 hubs, Atomik Carbon rims – wide, tubeless compatible) with Hope QRs
  • ENVE Road fork, Enve seatpost, compact 42cm bars
  • Easton EA90 stem painted to match.
  • Chris King headset and spacers
  • Pro Turnix saddle
  • Kogel ceramic bearing bottom bracket (threaded of course) and derailleur pulleys
  • Hutchinson Fusion tubeless tires – 25mm wide

Best of all it’s for sale and all details and buying options can be found here

Boba Fett bike

Bikepacking with Restrap – #CarryEverything


Over the past seven years, Restrap has gone from making pedal straps, for fixed gear bicycles, in a bedroom, to a large workshop on the outskirts of Leeds, specialising in a range of hand-made outdoor accessories. This range has grown considerably and it has been inspiring to watch them grow from strength to strength. Our first glimpse into what has become the ‘Carry Everything’ range was at Bespoked in 2015, when Restrap collaborated with Woodrup Cycles to produce a bike ready to tackle the Transcontinental Race. You can see that bike and bag setup over here.

Headset Press has been using three different bags from the Carry Everything range for the last six months. The Saddle Bag Holster, Frame Bag and Bar Bag. In that time they have taken us along the West Country Way, a coast to coast route that takes you through the centre of Dartmoor and up the steep climbs of Exmoor. They also ventured as far as tropical Taiwan, where Steve spent three days touring along the east coast of the island staying at hot springs and climbing through hillside farms and cruising along rice fields.

The entire Carry Everything range requires no mounts or screws. The entire system has been designed to fit any bicycle with maximum ease.

Bikepacking with Restrap - #CarryEverything

Restrap Saddle Bag Holster

The saddle bag holster is made from 1000D military-grade cordura, with nylon webbing for extra strength and fastened to together with reflective military paracord. It has three core straps that attach the holster to your bicycle. The largest going around the seat post, through a buckle and back round to a Velcro patch on the outside of the holster. The other two go around your seat rails and clip into Restrap’s fantastic patented magnetic buckles. With the holster in place, you insert your dry bag and tighten the last cord over the dry bag and into a simple fidlock on the top of holster.

Once the holster is setup, the only adjustments you will need to make will depend on how full your dry bag is. The magnetic buckles are intuitive and add to the easy accessibility of the holster. It will fit a dry bag from 8 to 14 litres, which Restrap also make and sell.

The saddle bag holster was the most impressive product of the range we tested. The attention to detail is incredible, you can see this in every component on the holster. From the small clips on each strap to keep the excess cord nice and tidy to magnetic buckles which could opened with a simple flick.

Take a look the full range of Restraps saddle bags.

Bikepacking with Restrap - #CarryEverything

Restrap Frame Bag

The frame bag comes in three sizes to fit any frame comfortably. Made from the same 1000D cordura outer as the seat holster and VX21 fabrics internally. It features a fully waterproof zip keeping your valuables safe and dry. Rubberised strapping attaches the frame bag to your top tube and down tube with a reflective paracord zip pull around the seat tube so you can make sure it’s nice and tight.

There are two sides to the frame bag, both feature an inner mesh to keep the contents organised. We found this was a good place to store a bit of food for on the bike nutrition due to ease of access. The medium and large bags contain an additional document pocket. An extra cable slot runs across the top of the bag for dynamo cabling.

Take a look the full range of Restrap frame bags.

Bikepacking with Restrap - #CarryEverything

Restrap Bar Bag

The bar bag is also constructed from 1000D military-grade cordura and nylon webbing, same as the seat bag holster. It attaches very simply to the handlebars with two straps that you thread through a loop and buckle to keep it nice and tight to the bar. Insert your dry bag and connect the two straps to the magnetic buckles and pull tight. The bar bag holster fits up to a 14 litre dry bag.

There is an option to purchase the bar bag holster with an add-on pouch that attaches using a magnetic pin system to the top of the holster (pictured above). This bag is quite a nice little addition for lighter items or making an ideal food pouch.

Take a look the full range of Restrap bar bags.

Bikepacking with Restrap - #CarryEverything

Steve’s verdict

The Restrap bags went with me on three days riding, on the island of Taiwan, covering some stunning scenery, from mountains, to sea-views, with over 200 miles to cover. Stopping at hot springs meant we travelled light and needed no bedding, the bags were going to be perfect for light touring duties. I was going to be using the seat and frame bag and I was hyped to putting them through their paces.

My guide and friend in Taiwan, who spends a considerable amount of time touring Taiwan, was immediately taken by the set-up. The bags were incredibly easy to set-up on the bike and required little attention on the journey. I kept money, food and tools in the frame bag and clothing in the seat bag. The seat bag was brilliant to use as I could just pull the dry-bag out of the holster at the end of the day and pop back in at the start. It meant no fiddling, just a quick flick of the buckle. Simple.

One thing my friend commented on was, the bag didn’t sway from side-to-side (unlike others he and others had used). That might sound insignificant, but truth is, the seat bag is built very well for the job and shouldn’t sway and goes to show that Restrap got the design nailed down. Same goes for the frame bag, didn’t move an inch. All of this is very reassuring and you can relax about your equipment choices and enjoy the ride. It also meant they had little effect on the bike’s handling. They also look really nice on any bike we put them on, and these things matter you know. The prices are decent compared to others on the market considering how well made they are. I can’t wait for another chance to use them.

Morvelo – No compromise – SS2017

Morvelo are not about compromises. They make clothing for cycling, any kind of cycling. We respect that. The line-up of garments is impressive, from classic designs to bold patterns and bright colours. The featured video gives you a taste of their attitude towards their style that is for any the of cycling. Here is a little taste of the spring summer range they have on offer.

In their own words, Morvélo’s philosophy encourages diversity, exploration and a desire to thrash the hell out of two wheels.

“We’re not a Road brand. We’re not an MTB brand. We’re a cycling brand. We ride all types of bikes, our ethos encouraging starting from one corner of the bike world and spreading out to explore the others. Morvélo products are suited to them all.
Our designs combine bike culture with pop culture, exploring themes that run through the cycling world and combine them with the wider influence of sport, art, music, fashion and film to create products that are not only highly technical and performance driven but also visually unique.”

The new collection for Spring Summer 2017 brings together fresh designs, new performance fabrics, innovative products and carefully curated colour palettes that can be mixed and matched across a huge variety of products.

Rapha Cicerone Film – A journey of the mind.

The latest Rapha film, Cicerone is really worth a watch, stunning scenery, beautifully shot and an epic ride. It’s not how I thought it would be though, it’s more cerebral. A homage to the thoughts and process I think we all got through on a good ride. The rides we undertake might not be as challenging as this ride but, it’s all the same, the cathartic process we go through during and after the ride. I think many of us can associate with this.

Rapha Film

Rapha have this to say;

In September 2016, Walter Beckers and Kendal Noctor travelled to mainland Europe to ride up mountains. Armed with routes and spiritual guidance from Phil Deeker, founder of Rapha Travel’s Cent Cols Challenge, they set off on a ten day journey to amass thousands of metres of elevation, testing their bodies and minds to breaking point.

In 2017, the year of his 60th birthday and the 10th anniversary of the Cent Cols Challenge, Phil Deeker will ride 1,000 cols in 100 days. In this short film – its title meaning ‘guide to sightseers’ in Italian – we pay tribute to Phil, cicerone of the mountains, and his unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible on a road bike.

NAHBS 2017 – Incredible bikes from the show

The NAHBS 2017 has just concluded and although we were not there (but wished we were), we present you with some incredible bikes from the show. The NAHBS (North American Hand Built Show) has been an event we’ve long admired and still wish to go and see with our own eyes one day. This year marked a record year for International exhibitors at the Handmade Show, along with over 180 total exhibitors. We are lucky enough to have the Bespoked 2017 to enjoy here in the U.K. though. Without further ado, here are some incredible bikes to ogle at.

Allied Carbon

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Cal Poly

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Don Walker

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Peacock Groove

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Reeb (kids)

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Renovo (wood)

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Rookey (from Korea)

NAHBS 2017


NAHBS 2017

Simworks (from Japan)



Toresvelo (from Russia)

Triton (kids, from Russia)

Triton (from Russia)

W H Bradford

Vulpine launch Spring Summer 2017 cycle clothing

When i saw these photos from the latest Vulpine launch of their Spring Summer 2017 cycle clothing i just thought woah, how awesome must it be to work for Nick Hussey. For the shoot the Vulpine team headed to the Andalusian capital of Sevilla. On a stormy wet 35mph freezing wind kind of day it was just where i wanted to be, riding my bike in the warmth and sunshine. Read all about the shoot on the Vulpine blog.

The 2017 spring summer range features updated versions of what has become traditional Vulpine gear that’s smart, practical and absolutely great to wear such as the Harrington jacket, cycling trousers, shorts and merino jerseys. Highlights from the range:

Merino Soft-shell Cycling Blazer

Using Swiss Schoeller softshell outer fabric with a merino jersey inner this cycling blazer is cut for riding with ample British styling. It’s water resistant too. Perfect for riding straight into the office.

French Workers Jacket

A jacket or work shirt inspired from across the channel, great partnered with some tailored trousers or cycling jeans.

Extrafine Merino City Jersey

With a new fit to give a more casual, relaxed style the extrafine merino jerseys are tough, anti-bacterial and breathable. Good for keeping fresh.

Seamless Leggings and Racerback top

Created not just for cycling the super soft seamless workout wear are crafted in one piece. This helps to keep you comfy during your athletic endeavours.

Great for warmer weather the seamless racerback top is designed for comfort when riding or off the bike. The seamed leggings offer zoned compression, and a diamond gusset for in-saddle comfort.

Have a detailed look at the new products on Vulpine.

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