Wahoo introduces ELEMNT MINI

Wahoo introduces ELEMNT MINI

Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices, is introducing ELEMNT MINI, the latest in Wahoo’s growing collection of innovative, industry-leading bike computers.

Joining the flagship ELEMNT, and the aerodynamic ELEMNT BOLT GPS cycling computers, the all-new ELEMNT MINI is a standalone wireless bike computer that provides a compelling economical product for cyclists. When used with the ELEMNT Companion App, the ELEMNT MINI is able to capture a full suite of ride data like cadence, heart rate, call/text notifications, while also enabling friends or family members to follow ride progress with Wahoo’s newly enhanced Live Track capability.

Sticking close to its namesake, the ELEMNT MINI is equipped with a streamlined, two-button interface and a 1.8” diagonal LCD screen, yielding a smaller size that tips the scales at a feathery light 31.2 grams. It is powered by Bluetooth and ANT+ technologies, making it compatible with all Wahoo sensors including the RPM Speed Sensor (included with the ELEMNT MINI), the RPM Cadence Sensor and the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor (sold separately) for cyclists looking to specifically tailor their data tracking needs.

At the heart of the wallet-friendly and feature-rich ELEMNT MINI, is Wahoo’s improved Live Track feature, which enables others to monitor the user’s current and travelled locations in real-time on a map, along with any data (speed, heart rate, cadence) being transmitted to their cycling computer.

The Wahoo ELEMNT MINI is now available to buy at select specialty retailers and on for £79.99.

Wahoo introduces ELEMNT MINI

Simpson issue 12 and Mister Tom 50 t-shirt

Simpson issue 12

Simpson magazine recently launched issue 12 and it has an international feel to it. Featuring interviews with Nairo Quintana and Alejandro Valverde at Team Movistar’s annual gathering in Pamplona, Spain. A catch up Nicholas Roche from BMC Racing, contributor Augustus Farmer shares his dream bike build at the Service Course in Girona and much more.

The launch of issue 12 coincided with the 50th anniversary of Tom Simpson’s death, a name any avid cyclist will be familiar with. To celebrate the life and palmarès of Tom, Britain’s first world road race champion and the inspiration for the magazine, Simpson have created a celebratory garment.

The t-shirt is available in three colours: black with white print, white with black print, and the iconic yellow of the maillot jaune – an acknowledgement of the race in which Simpson gave all he had to give. The t-shirt is available to purchase here.

To find out more about Simpson Magazine and issue 12, click here.

VELOPEDIA: The Infographic Book of Cycling

Infographic Book of Cycling

This Infographic Book of Cycling is a joy to flick through and explore different facts and topics. We love nothing more than a good cycling fact at Headset press and this book certainly satisfies that need. What could be very dry and boring is brought to life in full infographic detail, I’ve never seen a book like it before and have enjoyed the last month flicking through it. From diet of champions to iconic riders.

To copy the books synopsis; Whether it is the tallest and shortest champions, oldest and youngest Tour riders, or the richest in the peloton, Velopedia has it covered. Examining nearly all of the sport’s most intriguing stories, it also includes the most memorable rivalries, heroic losers, most controversial stars and biggest scandals, not to mention the best punch-ups and mid-race mishaps. The eccentric side of the sport is here too, with kitsch kits, the strangest superstitions and most elaborate facial hair.

Charting every generation from the Victorian age to the present day, Velopedia is the perfect book for both the most devoted amateur cyclist and the armchair fan. 100% agreed!

Infographic Book of Cycling

Written by sports journalist, Robert Dineen. He has also written, Reg Harris: The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Greatest Cyclist and Kings of the Road: A Journey into the Heart of British Cycling. Which are all worth a look. The book itself is over 190 pages and hardcover bound with no dust jacket and a little under A4 in size, perfect for the coffee table but no so big you can’t sit back and relax in your favourite reading chair (you have one right?).

As much as the author has put together the topics this book wouldn’t be half as interesting without the graphics, those are done by Paul Oakley, Nick Clark and Jane McKenna. You can’t help but love the portraits done by Paul Oakley they look amazing and add character throughout. You might think it all a bit gimmicky but no matter your knowledge I bet you can find something you don’t already know.

Published by Aurum Press and is available for £18.99 from all good bookshops.

Vince Wheels Sopportazione road disc wheelset review

I’ll get right to it, the Vince Wheels Sopportazione road disc wheel set are great. I did not want to give them back. Everyone should own a solid all around set of road disc wheels and these are a superb contender. A great replacement for a factory set that may have come with your bike from new.

Built with the now much copied Pacenti SL25 rim which are 26mm deep and 24.5 wide with an internal width of 20mm. That wide internal width opens the tyre and creates a nice round cross section rather than a light bulb shape with traditional rim widths. This improves comfort, cornering and makes a 25mm tyre feel and look like a 28mm improving rolling resistance to make you ride faster. The rims are tubeless compatible too.

Hubs are the AIVEE Edition One Disc. Not a hub i have ridden before so i wasn’t sure what to expect. These hubs are pretty light, 122g for the front and 231g for the rear, use EZO bearings and a titanium ratchet. They roll along easily so i had no complaints there. Disc mount is ISO 6 bolt and axle choice is 9mm quick release or 15/12 Thru axle available for either Shimano or Campagnolo.

Spokes are Sapim Race, a light traditional j bend butted spoke and great choice for a wheel build. Sapim Polyax Brass nipples are used too. Overall weight for the wheels comes in at 1686g with 28/28 cross lacing. The Pacenti decals are replaced with sleek black versions which you can spec to any colour should you want to. Overall i think the Vince Wheels branding is nicely done, not over the top and the black Pacenti logo looks slick alongside the blue logo. Another neat touch are the two blue spoke nipples, I really like those.

Vince Wheels Supportazione road disc wheelset review

So why are they called Sopportazione? Vince Wheels was started by Ian Vince who’s last name  has an Italian translation meaning ‘to win’. Sopportazione means sufferance. The Sopportazione wheels are from the Gamma Firma range which Ian has put together for those looking for high quality hand built wheelsets without the hassle of component choice.

Final thoughts

These are great all rounders for road, gravel or cross using 25-35mm wide tyres. A very good spec for £495 and much preferable over a big name factory wheel for the same price. I like how they felt stiff when standing and sprinting and were really pleasant and effortless to ride when seated.

Thanks to that wide rim they can handle a rough surface on a country lane and absorb big bumps without making you feel them too much through the handlebars. These are a pair of wheels that are light enough to feel fast and easy to get going while comfy so you will want to keep riding for longer. I guess it comes down to would i spend my own money on some? Yes. Definitely a yes.

You can buy the Sopportazione from the

How many photographers are at the Tour de France?

How many photographers are at the Tour de France?

How many photographers are at the Tour de France? Well, untold amounts but on bikes following the each and every stage, there are 18.

How many photographers are at the Tour de France?

That’s really the tip of the amazing iceberg, one of our favourites is Beardy McBeard (great name) and you can either follow on his website or the hashtag #beardyscaravan over at Instagram. Generally there is so much to visually take in and we can’t get enough.

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How many sprinters have crashed into barriers on a sprint finish?

Tour de France Crashes

Back with another Tour de Factiod. This time Tour de France crashes. How many sprinters have crashed into barriers on a sprint finish? Since 1991 that is. The interesting thing hear is that whilst there are many crashes, this very dangerous crashes are far and few between. The worst two were in the 90’s, those Tour de France crashes were something else. Djamolodine Abdoujaparov, 1991 and Laurent Jalabert, 1994.

And most recently 2017, which resulted in Peter Sagan being disqualified and Mark Cavendish out with a broken shoulder

Café du Cycliste – Claim your badge

Café du Cycliste - Claim your badge

Café du Cycliste have created a patch for every one of the cols that surround their headquarters in Nice, France. Once you’ve ridden the climb, you can claim the patch. Everyone loves a patch, right? Or just collecting cycling related memorabilia in general. I could probably hydrate a small town with the amount of bidons I have collected and keep their heads cool with my caps!

To claim your patch you have to join their Strava club, Café du Cycliste Strava Club and create an account on

  • 1. Choose ‘Badges’ from the menu of your account page.
  • 2. Allow access to your Strava account (this is how we verify those climbs completed).
  • 3. Choose which badge you would like from those available and add to basket.
  • 4. Follow the checkout process as usual.

Each badge is free. The first one can be shipped alone while subsequent ones can be shipped with any website order or added to any purchase in their Nice store.

Derborence featuring Patrick Seabase

Derborence is a beautifully shot video of pure ride inspiration from Emanual Schafer. It features Patrick Seabase riding through the Swiss hamlet in the municipality of Conthey, in the canton of Valais, in Switzerland.

How many times has the Tour started with an individual time trial?

How many times has the Tour started with an individual time trial?

How many times has the Tour started with an individual time trial? Not as many as you might think.

The first time trial was between La Roche-sur-Yon and Nantes (80 km) in 1934. The prologue is before the first stage, to decide who wears yellow on the opening day. The first prologue was in 1967. The 1988 event, at La Baule, was called “la préface” but basically the prologue.There are usually two or three time trials in each Tour. The final time trial has sometimes been the final stage, more recently often the penultimate stage. The launch ramp, a sloping start pad for riders, was first used in 1965, at Cologne. But a Stage 1 start as an individual time trial has only happened five times!

How many times has the Tour started with an individual time trial?

2017 is one of those rare years. I’m not entirely sure but it’s my opening fact for celebrating the Tour de France. Since we started this website we’ve celebrated it in some way. This year it’s all about the facts. We hope you enjoy.

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