Brooks Expedition Line Cycle Luggage

brooks england isle of wight saddle bag_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3937

Brooks England have launched a new line of cycling luggage titled Brooks Expedition. Consisting of three bags, the Norfolk and Suffolk Panniers, Isle of Wight Saddle Bag and Handlebar Bag they are all made from a waterproof, high strength polyester. The saddle bag comes in three sizes and the handlebar bag works with the Ortlieb Klickfix mouting system too.

We were amazed that this fabric actually feels and looks like cotton and gives the bags a timeless look. Each bag comes in three colours, black, green and dove they are perfect for relaxing adventures and touring. I’d certainly have the saddle and handle bar bag for Audax riding.  Full details on Brooks England.

brooks england isle of skye handlebar bag_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3938

brooks england norfolk front pannier_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3935

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