Bullitt bikes in illustrated boxes

bikes in illustrated boxes

These Bullitt bikes in illustrated boxes are just awesome. The mundane brown bike box is transformed into works of art fit for a gallery.

bikes in illustrated boxes bikes in illustrated boxes

The illustrator Kristian Eskild Jensen was drafted in for the project and dreamt up a fantasy world for the series, encorporating well known Danish sights and and fables. Added to the scenes are Larry vs Harry’s favourite musical heroes of yesteryear and characters from cult films, a reference to the brand’s quirky and eccentric tastes.

Larry vs Harry happen to be a Copenhagen-based bicycle brand, makers of the original Bullitt cargo bike. They saw an opportunity to make their large bike and component boxes altogther more interesting by commissioning Kristian to create a fantasyworld.

They often receive pictures from customers who have used their Bullitt boxes to build playhouses and dens for their children. If they are saving the boxes and getting inventive with them anyway, we thought it would be nice todo something unique and original with the boxes,  says, Larry vs Harry’s owner Hans Fogh. In case you’re not familiar with the bikes they look like this…

bikes in illustrated boxes

Shop: Frederiksborggade 43, 1361 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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