Café du Cycliste – Claim your badge

Café du Cycliste - Claim your badge

Café du Cycliste have created a patch for every one of the cols that surround their headquarters in Nice, France. Once you’ve ridden the climb, you can claim the patch. Everyone loves a patch, right? Or just collecting cycling related memorabilia in general. I could probably hydrate a small town with the amount of bidons I have collected and keep their heads cool with my caps!

To claim your patch you have to join their Strava club, Café du Cycliste Strava Club and create an account on

  • 1. Choose ‘Badges’ from the menu of your account page.
  • 2. Allow access to your Strava account (this is how we verify those climbs completed).
  • 3. Choose which badge you would like from those available and add to basket.
  • 4. Follow the checkout process as usual.

Each badge is free. The first one can be shipped alone while subsequent ones can be shipped with any website order or added to any purchase in their Nice store.

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