Christmas Gift Guide £10 to £50

So you’ve probably seen the first of our Christmas Gift Guide by now? Well if not here’s our stocking filler ideas. Now for something that will go quite nicely under the Christmas tree. There’s no reason you couldn’t give cycling inspired gifts to everyone!


These classic cyclists inpsired by the Tour de France are hand-painted by the expert craftsmen of C.B.G. MIGNOT. There are numerous choices of nationalities available for £13.95, and there’s even the finish line to stage your own sprint finish. Available from Bloomsbury.


This sterling silver chain necklace is made by Maria Allen and features a ladies bicycle etched into a piece of copper beech wood. Amazingly the wood is from a tree in Sir Winston Churchill’s family home estate and is over 200 years old! Available for £35 at Maria Allen Boutique. Be sure to take a look at the other bicycle inspired items on there too.


When I first saw these i was just amazed. In short it’s a box containing 100 illustrated postcards. Each postcard has an illustration that represents the event that took place that year in the Tour de France. You’re bound to learn something new about the Tour with this gift. Available for £40 from the Handmade Cyclist and you can view the cards on the interactive version too.

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