The Complete Bike Owner’s Manual

The Complete Bike Owner's Manual

The Complete Bike Owner’s Manual by DK, is a must for those new to cycle repair, and useful for experienced home mechanics. We managed to get a copy to check out and are suitably impressed with the book.

It’s full of expert advice with clear visual instructions using CGI imagery, line drawings and infographics. Set out in easy to follow chapters headed up in coloured sections with the area of the bike in question highlighted.

The book begins with ‘Know Your Bike’, which covers the anatomy of both road and off-road bikes; this section also looks at components and seating positions and accessories and clothing. The second chapter focuses on tools and techniques along with maintenance and repair, and the subsequent sections cover the specific parts of a bike, spilt into the following sections: Steering and Saddle, Wheels, Brakes, Transmission and Suspension. The final chapter includes trouble shooting issues, a regular maintenance planner and a full glossary of terminology.

The Complete Bike Owner's Manual

It was written by a credible team of experts including Claire Beaumont – former racing cyclist and now lead creative at London based, bespoke bicycle brand Condor Cycles, and Ben Spurrier – avid cyclist and Head Designer for Condor Cycles.

If you don’t own a bike manual then this should be on your list for being up-to-date and easy to follow. The book is well produced and should stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear which it’s likely to receive!

The Complete Bike Owner's Manual

Priced at £14.99 and is Hardback. ISBN: 9780241226155 224 pages.

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