Cycling Buyers Guide – Chain Tools

Our Cycling Buyers Guide – Chain Tools, looks at some of the best options on the market, either for roadside use or in the workshop. There are some must have items for all cyclists, which we have featured here. No matter how how experienced you are, with a little guidance, these tools are all easy to use and will keep you up and running. One of these must have items is a chain tool. Here we look at five options, three for the workshop and two that are small enough the pack in a saddle bag or pocket. Whatever you choose, these five are absolute crackers (bad pun).

Birzman Dragonfly Chain Tool

Cycling Buyers Guide – Chain Tools
The most expensive choice here at £49.99 but it’s shape and form are akin with high-end furniture. The design is inspired by the shape of a dragon fly. The functional element of the tool is there with a huge T shaped handle and can handle all chain sizes. You have to admit its a very nice looking thing with a quality build, what you would expect at this price. Birzman offer a great range of tools and are pushing aside the [misconceived] perception that Taiwan is a copycat manufacturer. Available here.

Park-Tool CT3.2

Cycling Buyers Guide – Chain Tools 2
Park Tools are synonymous with cycle repair and in every workshop you will find these famous blue tools in good use. The CT-3.2 features an adjustable locating shelf so it will remove and install the chain rivet on any bike chain, from 5 to 11-speed derailleur chains to 1/8 and 3/16 inch single-speed chains, making it Park Tool’s most versatile chain splitter and a real go to piece for any cyclists’ garage. A decent price at £29.99. Available here.

Pedro’s Pro Chain Tool 2.0

This one is probably the most robust and is the second most expensive at £39.99. The Pedro’s Pro Chain Tool 2.0 is a workhorse designed to make chain removal, installation, and adjustments simple, safe, and comfortable. This shop quality screw-type chain tool is ready for years of professional use and even includes 2 replacement pins stored conveniently in the handle. Backed by Pedro’s lifetime warranty. Did you know Pedro’s was started in 1989 selling one chain oil product? Available here.

Topeak Super Chain Tool

This tiny tool could be a real lifesaver (I’ve wished for this tool on the roadside before) and at £12.99 it’s well worth stuffing in a saddle pack. It would even suffice in the workshop if you don’t currently have a chain tool. It’s good for single and multi-speed chains up to 12 speed, but not Campagnolo 11 speed hollow pin chains. It also contains a 5 and 6 mm Allen key, and chain hook – handy. Topeak make a huge range of tools but this little tool is a fave. Available here.

Tacx T3280

Easily the smallest chain tool in the cyclists buyers guide but the cheapest at around £9.99 and also quite a nice design. As with the Topeak, a great little tool to put in your pocket, that takes up little space but could save you a long walk home. It’s been replaced with this version but we still think the T3280 is worth grabbing (10 speed and below). Available here.

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