Cycling Predictions 2013

Rather than focus on the best of 2102 – which has been amazing – I’m going all out and balls out, brassy, maybe necky. But hey, why not? As P.I.L said, I could be wrong or I could be right…

Aero road bikes
Going to be massive the only problem is the UCI and fitting these bikes into the ‘box’ if manufacturers can do this we will see more slippery bikes emerging. The trick will be making them truly aerodynamic. This aero area will be hot for the racers and so will be shaving ALL the body… maybe even riding naked for the AeroEdge™?

All road
This is going to continue to grow, we will see more bikes and equipment emerging and events too. We can’t turn back time, but I think this sort of rough stuff riding will be a hit. It feels more like the good olde days of cycling and the sort of bike we ‘used’ to own. Maybe we will see clothes too? Lumberjack shirts will be legit.

Big in 2012, big in 2013. More disc brakes and the emergence of proper hydraulic groupsets from at least SRAM, will start to emerge and it really won’t stop (bad pun). The U.S. will probably have a cyclo-cross riding president and a special Belgium envoy of cyclo-cross.

Tour de France
Sir Bradley Weller and Chris do a 1-2 again. This time they do it in Rapha (not do it, like in have sex, that would be weird). Rapha will then start making more technical race wear, no one can afford, but we all want it. This prediction is worth a few quid at the bookies.

At some point touring is going to become the big thing (maybe by the summer). All the signs are there. Who amongst us will dare to wear SPD sandals? Will this lead to riding a ‘bent? Yes. But touring is set for some glamour and will be picked up by the general media as the ‘way’ to eco-holiday, maybe even ‘micro-touring’.

Headset Press
Continues to talk shit. 100% cycling shit. Some cool shit too. Seriously, we are going to improve the site and try and do some new things and get more fresh content. I hope we can build our audience and keep everyone that has enjoyed thus far. We want to become a bigger site too and we hope there is room for us. We love making stuff and will try our best to offer you some stuff to try and buy. Regardless of all the talk, have a good year on and off the bike. Cheers.

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