David Millar: The Racer

David Millar: The Racer

Now available in paperback and picking up from Millar’s previous work ‘Racing Through The Dark’, this new book places the reader firmly in the heart of the professional peloton. You can sense the nervousness, feel the exhaustion, the ever-present fear of injury as Millar guides you on an emotional journey through the 2014 World Tour.

Rather than simply a recount of races and results, this book focuses on what it means to be a professional cyclist. The training, travel and disconnection from family that characterise life on the ProTour.

Told in Millar’s intelligent and authoritative style, with a healthy smattering of expletives, the chapters chart the gradual breakdown of Millar’s relationship with his Garmin team. You can feel the anger and hurt as he describes the call confirming he wouldn’t be riding his final Tour de France; signalling the sudden end of a professional career that included national titles and 10 individual stage victories in the Grand Tours.

Poignantly, Millar includes images of the postcodes he obsessively collected as he travelled from race to race. Written to his young sons, they anchor the descriptions of a cyclist nearing retirement; simultaneously wanting that ‘one more race’ yet resenting the time away from home.

As the title suggests, this book unpicks the manners and methods of the racing cyclist; taking a glimpse inside the cocooned existence of a modern day professional. Millar’s description of avoiding a training ride during a period of inclement weather illustrating that these ‘super humans’, capable of astonishing feats on a bike, are all too often plagued by the same emotions that we all experience.

Passionate and informed, this award winning book sits you inside the team-bus; a finely observed and honest insight on the sweat, scars and sacrifices of a life spent racing.

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