Feather Cycles Racing: highspeedsteel

Feather Cycles Racing bike
Feather Cycles Racing is Yorkshire-based framebuilder Ricky Feather and friends. Who are road racing this year [and beyond] under the name of Feather Cycles Racing. We have been long time fans of Feather cycles and his show stopping bikes. Now he has turned his attention to building a superb steel race bike.

The frames and team kit are looking pretty tidy and the results are coming so it must be fast stuff, well #highspeedsteel is what it says on the bike. Just looking at the bike and kit makes us feel fast (did that sound right?). Taking a guess the frame is built from Columbus Spirit and built up with Shimano Dura Ace and Easton parts, it’s going to be light.

Feather Cycles Racing are racing in Yorkshire and southern England. It’s riders will be Ricky, James Fairbank, Adam Wright, Kendal Noctor, and Ultan Coyle. It is intended to be run as a co-operative, with every member contributing to it’s success and we really hope it is.

Feather Cycles Racing downtube

Feather Cycles Racing headtube

The part is the inspiration for the team, to resurrect the link between framebuilder and road racing; thirty years ago, many UK framebuilders supported local racers or teams but, with the advent of aluminium and carbon fibre and the decline in framebuilding by hand, this link was broken (see our piece on Argos).

We really admire this approach and wish the team lots of luck. Check out more at Feather Cycles Racing and The Feather Cycles blog.
Feather Cycles Racing is supported by Rapha, Easton and Giro.

Feather Cycles Racing team riders


Feather Cycles Racing in full pursuit

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