Bespoked Bristol 2011

The UK Handmade Bicycle Show

After the ride of the week, Steve and I visited the UK's first handmade & boutique bicycle show in the UK's first Cycle City, Bristol. The show had some fantastic exhibitor's such as; Brian Rourke, Condor, Donhou Cycles, Enigma, Milk Bikes and many more.

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Milltag and Brother revealed their latest collaboration which turned out to be a frame and a jersey, [funnily enough]. With soviet styling, I personally[Jamie] love the look of the jersey but, still prefer their second frame, also pictured above.

After struggling to pick a favourite bike, I have had to go with 2 different company’s. Brother Cycles and Feather Cycles, they both stand out for me and have something very different to offer. Brothers Cycles design their bikes in London and have them handmade in Taiwan by experienced frame builders. They are classically styled but with road geometry which in the current market for fixed gear bicycles is perfect. They have recently launched their second track frame which you will see in the carousel above. Feather Cycles have quite a few more frames/bicycles in their range but the two that caught my eye at the show were their latest road and track bike. Their road bike is nice combination of steel/carbon and modern components whilst their track bike is built with Dura-ace and with quite a classic look and a handlebar/stem combination.

The bikes that stood out from the crowd for me [me being Steve] was Milk Bikes. Out of the bikes on their stand the RDA was a killer. It’s built for commuting but, can be so much more than that. I spoke to Mark Meadows about his bikes and he told me that the frames are produced in Taiwan to his design and specifications. The end result is very good and anyone thinking you can’t get a boutique bike built in the far east – think again! The RDA is fitted out with Alfine internal gear hubs, Gates belt drive, lights and everything else a commuter could hope for. For me a functional bike is the tops and Milk delivered [no pun intended] a great looking machine. One I would be very happy to have and use on a daily basis. You can find more info here.

If you want to see more images from the show please take a look at both of our photo albums below,

Jamie’s album
Steve’s album

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