The Headset Press Christmas List

Our picks for 2014

Most of us hope for something cycling related this Christmas, our loved ones usually don't know what to buy us and we end up with the Brut 33 soap and talc set. This year we are here to help you, to help them. Yes we even have socks to choose. So picks are UK, some are US, some are pricey, some are cheap and we want all of them ourselves. So get some mulled wine and a mince pie and take a look at our selection, it's the done thing. Ok you might not have enough time to order some of this stuff, the way we see it, you can return the Brut 33 set and get these rad things after! Sorted.

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The Headset Press Christmas List

La Vie Athlétique Noir – Wool Sock


The Headset Press Christmas List kicks off with these socks. Take to the hills with these on your feet. That really is the best place for them. 6″ cuff, black and grey sock. These are a custom Wooleator socks – 64% Merino Wool – 28% Nylon and 8% Elastic. They handle well in all athletic situations, especially climbing mountains. Designed in Portland. Made in the USA.We say, Toasty.

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The Headset Press Christmas List

The 5th Floor X Mad Alchemy Elixir No.5 Embrocation


Cold Weather Embrocation ideal for use during cyclocross and riding in temperatures below 50 degrees. This product is the specifically engineered to provide a steady, long term feeling of warmth to your legs back and even your neck. In addition to high quality Grapeseed and Soybean Oils, this product contains unbleached beeswax and a helping of raw, unrefined West African Shea Butter. We say, loads better than Brut 33.

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The Headset Press Christmas List

UnTapped Packets


Here it is. Pure maple syrup. All natural energy. Ready to roll wherever you go. We say, It ain’t winter without maple syrup right? Yep, now take it on your rides.

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Rapha Cross Shoe


Cyclocross racers demand a lot from their footwear – traction for scrambling up steep slopes, stiffness for short and sharp accelerations, and the durability to withstand post-race hose downs. The Rapha Cross Shoe, produced in collaboration with Giro of California, has been constructed with these challenges in mind. We say, wear it for everything and everywhere.

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Chapeau! Crank Coffee.


A rich, sweet and balanced blend of Brazil Monte Cristo & Colombia Las Acacia coffee beans. The crank is an essential part of any bike – it works for everyman/woman. So we thought naming this crowd-pleasing blend “CRANK” was appropriate as it is a great all-rounder with everything you need. It’s sweet, rich and has a distinct milk chocolate note and syrupy mouth feel. Plus it’s roasted a little darker for a nice kick. Perfect for a morning cafetiere. We say, It’s coffee, you will need it.

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Trek Émonda

If you need to ask..

Every detail of the Émonda line, from frame design to each component choice on every model, serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered. The entire Émonda line is unbelievably light, with sensational ride-tuned balance and handling that elevate Trek ride performance to a whole new level. We say, can I have two?

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Café du Cycliste Cycling Cap


TOur four-panel cycling cap – or casquette – will protect your head from the sun and the rain. Made from 100% cotton, it’s designed to absorb sweat in the summer and keep you warm on cold days. We say, caps and more caps, oh and it comes in a rad box.

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Swift Industries Paloma Handlebar Bag


The Swift Industries Paloma Handlebar Bag mounts easily to your bicycle handlebars using the world known Klickfix Handlebar Adaptor. Now your riding essentials are within reach as you’re cycling. Stow rain gear, shoes, tools or a six pack in this sturdy and light handlebar bag. We say, #outsideisfred no wait…

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Specialized Diverge Comp Smartweld


When the paved road stops the Diverge Comp Smartweld is just getting started. Whether it’s dirt roads or navigating potholes on the road less travelled, the Diverge Comp Smartweld can handle it all. With hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 105 drivetrain, and tuned frame and fork it’s only limited by your imagination. We say, after Christmas get away from the in-laws.

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Happy Christmas from us at The Headset Press. We hope you have lots of lush cycling gifts that make your 2015 a great year on the road, trail or gravel.

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