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Affordable bar bag that works on all styles of bikes and riding types.

Bags, we all need bags. I swear I’m obsessed with bags [and hats] and rightly so because without them… Well I don’t need to state the obvious. Some people make bags and some people make tough, affordable bike bags. Such a company is Banjo Brothers who hail from Minneapolis and produce a variety of cycling bags. Banjo Brothers are one of those rare companies that say what they really mean, have an ethical approach and advocate cycling at any levels. Headset Press thinks that is bloody awesome.

So what is the Handlebar Bag Medium like? Let’s start with the construction. It’s made from that hard wearing material most bags are made from and will last for years. The bag itself has a rigid interior support, adjustable lower straps (dropout hooks included),web loop for safety light, interior and side pockets, comes with alternate strap for use with suspension forks, reflective bits and a map pocket. The size is; 275 cubic inch capacity (10? L x 4.5? W x 7? H), which will easily swallow a DSLR with a reasonable size lens and still have some space for other smaller items. I know it’s not intended to be a camera bag but it gives you a real world idea of the size.

Ok this bag isn’t a full-blown touring bag as it straps onto the bars directly with velcro straps, which sounds flimsy but isn’t. There is also a choice of straps to secure it from ‘flicking’ up. The only problem with this sort of attachment is loss of hand space on the tops of drop handlebars, but like I say it’s not intended for touring (Banjo have other bags for that). Flat bars present less of a problem though, infact I have used it more on my mountain bike than road bike as it works so well on flat bars.

The bag for me is just what is needed for shorter casual rides that requires carrying many items, but as long as your’e happy with the change of hand space would be good for more serious long rides. It really offers some serious space, is mounted up front and usable. Banjo Brothers have built a good bar bag here that serves it’s purpose incredibly well. As they say; Not just an old-school way to carry gear – it’s simply the most convenient way to carry items that you need to access quickly, whether that’s food, a vest, cell phone, or map. Works great when you’re towing a trailer-cycle or child seat.


A great bar bag that is fit for purpose my only issue was how it sagged a little on the road bike but this problem didn't happen on the mountain bike (mainly because of cable routing). I would recommend this bag to so many different types of cyclists that I'm just going to say cyclists that need a quick attaching bar bag should buy this!


Review date: 19 April 2012

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