Donkey Label Pack Animal

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The Pack Animal is a classic must have item for the cyclist

Do you have a pack animal? No? You should. Don’t worry, they’re just really useful pouches not over worked animals. It’s a simple thing that could be ignored and dismissed as frivolous. But these purpose made pouches are damn near perfect. The Pack Animal has been a joy to have and use. For years I used plastic bags to stuff my phone in and yes they worked but, I always hoped someone would make something fit for purpose. All hail the Donkey Label Pack Animal!

It’s a simple premise, water tight pouch that will fit your phone. The Pack Animal addresses this with three sizes, small, medium and large (plus newly added iPad sizes). They also come in a range of nice colours too. The main pouch is ziploc sealed and there is a side pocket to stash a card or some paper money. It’s just a lovely neat solution. I’ve used mine for six months in a wide range of temperatures and it just does it’s job and looks nice. Rather than a baggy plastic bag, I find this easy to grab from my pocket and use. Donkey Label gave us a few to try and everyone one of us loves them and none of us are going back to the old bag in the pocket trick!

One side is clear so you can see and use your touch screen phone without taking it out, although for full functionally you would need to take it out of the pouch to properly use, but that is not a negative, it’s a pouch not a case. The pouch corners are rounded so they don’t scratch of snag and in use I had no issues pulling it in or out of my jersey pockets. As with all Donkey Label products there is a nice touch,  with the Pack Animals you get a bookmark with a little story on it, it’s not a selling point, just a nice touch.


There are not many items on my 'just get one' list but the Pack Animal is one of them. I've heard some complaints about price which I don't think is high and given it's long life and possibly saving your expensive phone from doom, it's priceless. All Donkey Label products have a 100% Guarantee too and in terms of quality they make sure they use the best materials they can find. With all Donkey Label products if your UK based contact (il)Soigneur. But where ever you, just get one.


Review date: 6 July 2013

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  • Jim

    For some reason i can’t seem to get the Pack Animal into my cart for purchase and the Creux CHIMPAGNOLO Tee doesn’t provide selection for size – am i missing something???

    • Steve

      Hi Jim, what site mate?

  • Jim

    The one that’s linked above

    • Steve

      Best send them an email mate, I’m pretty sure they will get you sorted. Cheers!

  • Jim

    You bet – thanks!

  • ian sellers

    Pack animal look and work great.
    Unfortunately mine lasted less than 10 rides before it started cracking

  • Steve

    Where are you Ian? I would think this is a problem that could be sorted. I will happily pass your info on if you like.

  • ian sellers

    Hello Steve, I’m in the UK and received very good service from them so was reluctant to complain direct. It was / is a great product but I hoped it to be more durable.