Freebird Velo T-shirts

$24.00 (+P&P) available from

Super cycling T-shirts printed by hand with genuinely interesting prints and prices.

You may notice one of these wonderful t-shirts from the Rothera feature we recently run. I think you will agree it’s a pretty cool/funny statement (and true to some). For a long while Headset Press had no idea who was behind this great slogan on a tee. It took a while to get to find out the source, but was very happy to find out that Freebird Velo is a small independent outfit from the U.S. Freebird Velo produces small runs of cycling t-shirts that they sell on their website.

T-shirts are ubiquitous, since 1950 when Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire, the t-shirt has never lost it’s touch. A staple item for every wardrobe and this being a cycling website a cyclists wardrobe. Generally speaking a cyclists wardrobe is going to be a lycra fest (or is that just me?), but we need some civilian clothes that still mark us out as cyclists. To be honest there are many options, so many are good too and Freebird Velo is and can be put in this category, they can also go in the slightly quirky category too (that is me).

So what do you get for you money? Well considering the price, you get a very fine tee, Freebird Velo uses American Apparel blanks, which work for me and my large timber frame. To some this might be a negative and maybe they should be organic fair trade blanks, but at least American Apparel are made in the U.S. The prints themselves are done the proper way and will last an age. The proper way is by hand and I think this low energy approach is a very good reason to choose. They’re not being sent to a factory for printing or racking up any unnecessary miles (where Freebird Velo can help it). There are some other options like sweatshirts too so if you’re looking for something warmer you will find it too.


Great little company producing quality t-shirts that are a bit more unique than the big brands (thinking more non-cycling). The prices are very reasonable given what is involved and they also make great gifts to cycling friends. They have male and female cycling tees and I don't know of any other t-shirt outfit selling tees for the lady cyclists.


Review date: 18 December 2012

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