Giro Monaco Glove

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Excellent glove with a great fit, quality leather palm and should last for years.

This is one of two reviews on gloves. I did a back-to-back test with this glove and the Specialized BG Comp (the Specialized BG Comp being the cheapest glove). Giro have been producing gloves, glasses and shoes for a couple of years now – alongside their helmets.

I tested these gloves for a month over various terrain and distances. I also washed them a few times to see how that effected them. The gloves held up to the punishment and showed no signs of wear. The construction is very good, with a well stitched Pittards leather palm, ventilation holes and 2mm gel used for all padding. The padding works well,  I was a little concerned it was too thin but, on use they seemed just about right and gave a good balance between comfort and bike feedback.

The sizing is good on these gloves and a standard medium fitted just right, although at first I thought they might be too tight. A good tight non-constricting fit meant that the padding was in the right places. The perfect fit meant getting them off required the finger loops and after repeated removal of the gloves there were no rips or tears.

Colour choices for these gloves are fairly standard and come in racing colours or more subdued palettes. The quality of these gloves is hard to fault in any way. Nothing feels wrong or in the wrong place. The upper is nice and light, put together to stretch in the right way and ventilated. The best thing is the palms are made from Pittards leather which will last an age (had a pair of gloves made from Pittards, that lasted over 7 years).


Nearly the best glove I've used and closing in fast on my number 1 spot. They would benefit from holes on the thumb to increase ventilation but, the thumb wipe material is great and it's would only make a minor difference. These gloves will no doubt last a very long time so the cost really is nothing (unless you crash, but that is a good reason to be wearing them).


Review date: 10 February 2012

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