iL Soigneur Coffee

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Creator of custom musettes shows his love for coffee with this locally roasted blend.

Coffee are cycling are a classic combination that is well integrated into most cyclists weekly routine. Pro or fair weather cyclist, coffee is a big part of cycling culture. Every Sunday, club runs are heading out on a nice steady ride that includes a cafe stop to enjoy a much deserved slice of cake and a coffee.

(iL) Soigneur, a Bristol based company, currently producing custom musettes who looking to expand their range this year, have started with a wonderful blend of coffee.

Dene has been drinking the combination for years and has now had the opportunity to share with us lucky folk. It’s a blend of Sumatra Lintong, Brazil Santosand Monsooned Malabar and produces a fantastic aroma.

60% Sumatra Lintong, PPKGP Co-operative, FT/Organic bean.
30% Brazil Santos, Minas gerais region.
10% Monsooned Malabar, Malabar Coast, India.

The coffee is locally roasted and comes in 250g bags, ground or bean and is priced at £5.50. I opted for the ground due to my lack of a bean grinder but I am very tempted to go for bean next time so I have to purchase one!


The coffee tastes great, the roast is very fine and has a very strong yet smooth flavour without any bitterness. A perfect coffee to accompany a nice slice of cake.


Review date: 20 January 2012

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  • Very kind words Headsetpress.

    If anyone wants to try it out please email me at an I’ll send you out a 100g sample pack, for £1.50, inclusive of p&p.

    It’ll also be available to buy very soon on