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The Cornish cap. Get one or design your own. KAPZ will help you.

This review is so biased it probably isn’t really a review! Sorry. Thing is I’m Cornish and if it’s promoting the blessed county of Cornwall I’m not going to give a poor review. First thing up I don’t and won’t make any money out of these, I just shared the idea. KAPZ will be selling them and that is his business and livelihood. So I’m just being patriotic!

How did this come about? KAPZ are reasonably well known in the UK and the one I remember was the Mod stem cap he did (Kapz is a bloke, just in case you were wondering why I had given a gender to a company). So I contacted him about reviewing a cap. We spoke and then I forgot, as all of us at Headset Press have to make a living and these things can fall by the wayside sometimes. In my case work, projects and dealing with a back problem! Anyway, I got back in touch as I had an idea and was wondering if it was possible. Well pretty much anything is possible on a Kapz stem cap from laser etching, engraved to full colour caps.

So we agreed it was possible, I would review a cap if he did a Cornish flag and motto version for general availability. The design was done between myself and KAPZ and ready in a couple of days, so if you want either a Cornish one or anything else, you can expect a pretty quick turnaround depending on his workflow. But KAPZ is very friendly and always quick to reply. Anyway you don’t want any old cap, you want this Cornish one!

One and all or onen hag oll is a Cornish motto. On our Cornish arms there is a shield which carries 15 gold ‘Bezants’ on a black background. These are said to represent the Byzantine gold coins that were paid as ransom to the Saracens for the release of the Earl of Cornwall in the 9th century. The motto ‘One and all’ (or in Cornish, ‘Onen hag oll’), is said to commemorate the voluntary efforts of the Cornish people to raise this ransom. As for the black and white, this is the Cornish flag . It is known as the flag of St. Piran, as Piran is the Patron Saint of Cornwall and also of tin miners (or ‘Tinners’). The colours represent the bright tin shining against the dark rock. Facts and history lesson over!

The quality of the cap is as good as any other, is light, including the bolt and lighter than a most I’ve had in my hand over the years. Maybe time will rough it up a bit but I don’t mind that but, I’m pretty sure these are robust enough for the job. Will let you know in the future if it’s worn prematurely.

Kapz also does engraved headset spacers and like I mentioned earlier a few other choices like laser etch and engraving, these give very different results though and the custom full colour cap is the top choice. Granted these are not cheap but, they are made in Somerset, England, bit of an Irony there but, the amount of Cornish paraphernalia made in China is ridiculous anyway. So I can live with that.


As far as verdicts go, again, I'm utterly biased and not ashamed to admit it, I would take Cornish citizenship if it was on offer. If you're Cornish this needs to be on at least one of your bikes. If you're not from Cornwall don't worry you can be honorary Cornish – Win win! And after all that, it just isn't your thing design your own!


Review date: 23 November 2013

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  • Chris

    Too cool! My parents live in Cornwall, they are considered blowins. Still I do like the little village of Paul

    • Steve

      Ha! thanks. I’m from Falmouth. Paul is proper south! There are some great village names in Cornwall.

  • Si

    It’s a top cap not a headset press. This is a headset press
    Just sayin..

    • Steve

      Comedy genius! I love it. Keep up the funny comments.