Lezyne Pressure Drive

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A mini-pump that borrows from the old-school and creates a winner with some clever features.

I never intended to review this mini-pump and for the last year it’s sat in my jersey pocket as some sort of ballast, but no other purpose. that all changed last week with a spate of punctures, is it just me or do punctures attract more punctures? – even though I was thorough with my repairs…

So this piece of pocket ballast got some action, so to speak. Over the years I’ve owned dozens of mini-pumps. A few have been so bad they made the situation worse, but most have functioned [just about] and all have been frustrating in their operation. So when the time came to use this pump I really didn’t expect anything better. Thankfully it was a pleasure to use in what is always a annoying situation. The first use was such a revelation that I almost enjoyed getting a puncture (I say almost).

The design of the Lezyne Pressure Drive borrows from the old frame mounted pumps and has a adaptable rubber hose that screws onto the head of the pump. This does two things; firstly it makes attaching the adapter to the inner tube valve much easier and because it can be threaded on to the valve it is secure and won’t blow off as you build tyre pressure. And that is the second point, the hose effectively makes the pump a lot longer giving it the ability to push more air under pressure (hence the name Pressure Drive). The hose has a clever design that has both Schrader and Presta valve heads (one on each side). The Presta end has a bleed valve so you can lose any pressure build-up and not unscrew the valve core – done that a few times.

The pump comes in two sizes, the one I have is the small and when the hose is stored in the pump’s body it measures 170mm, which pretty small and ideal for jersey pockets (which I prefer to mounted on the bike). In operation I found it very easy to get to 90psi, but the Lezyne quotes 120psi I reckon it’s possible, but would be a lot of work and a sore arm. It’s not heavy either, coming in at 89g for the small.


After many mini-pumps I have reached the holy grail. There will never be another choice of mini-pump for my pocket. It really doesn't get any better than this. The pump construction is faultless and like I said at the beginning this pump has been in my back pocket for over a year, there is little sign of wear and the only wear I can claim is the graphics have rubbed off on the hose, no big deal and not something I would mark against as it's too minor an issue. The price for the pump is very reasonable too. It's just a mini-pump of beauty and function combined!


Review date: 5 February 2013

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  • Ben

    I want one of these, but what I could really use is a floor pump. Mine broke months ago.

    I have the Lezyne pump that’s halfway between a hand pump and a floor pump. I’ve yet to use it on the road, but I find it’s a little anemic for around the house. I don’t have all day.

  • Garóg Holohan

    +1 for this little guy. I have one myself and it’s fantastic.

  • Wyshniukas

    Having one myself I definitely would give 5* as well.

  • Tony Ward

    Does what it says on the tin. 120psi done.
    Best buy ever.