Lezyne Rap 20 Multi Tool

$29.99 available from www.lezyne.com

The Lezyne Rap 20 Multi Tool is a great for roadside repairs and a bit of general use.

Lezyne are probably making the nicest, thought out bike tools, currently on the market and seem to show no signs of slowing down. The Lezyne Rap 20 Multi Tool is a great example. It’s a crowded market so getting a tool to stand out can be very hard. The Rap 20 delivers a fine example of what a multitool can be.

The Rap 20 is the best! Lets make it clear. For a multi-tool containing everything for a roadside emergency – this is the one. In fact I’m kicking myself for not checking if it had a Mavic spoke key. It does and I needed one last week 50kms from home. How many other multi-tools have that? One fact that is bothering me though is I can only count 19 tools, not 20? Allen – 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, Torx – T25, T30, Phillips & Flat Head, Chain Breaker – 9/10 spd, Spoke Wrenches – 1x Mavic Spline, 2x Square Size, Tyre Lever – 10mm open end, Bottle Opener, 8mm open end, Disc brake wedge. So unless the chain breaker is stated as two, I count 19. No matter though, its enough tools to get you out of nearly every situation.

The build is good quality and weighs in at 178g, which is good for the size. It comes with a neoprene cover to protect you from stabbing yourself with the tool. It’s showing a few signs of surface corrosion but, I’ve not had a tool that didn’t from constant use and exposure. The outer body is aluminium and the chain breaker is forged steel and showing no signs of wear (after 3 months). The body is also incredibly stiff and shows no sign of flex under load (including me trying to bend it in my hands!).


At a push, you could use this as your only tool. It certainly would be a good piece to buy if you are just getting into biking and need something to do light maintenance. But it's intended use is as an emergency roadside tool. The Rap 20 does that flawlessly and contains tools that other brands don't have or bother with, which in my opinion makes it the best available. Would give it 5, if all the tool attachments were rust proof – not just some of them.


Review date: 5 January 2012

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