Rapha Cap

£25.00 available from www.rapha.cc

The classic Rapha cycling cap and if you only own one, this is the one to own. Not cheap but, will last an age.


You could call this a long-term test/review. I first wore my Rapha Cap four years ago, the only change in the four years is fading of colour, so while the cap maybe expensive, it will last an age. Before Rapha came on the scene, the cycling cap was a rather tawdry item for racing teams to apply sponsors logos or cycling clubs their names. It was always a useful item but, cheap and never lasted more than a season of constant wear.

Once Rapha introduced the cycling world to their take on the ubiquitous cap, the perception of the cap changed, and is now an accepted item – every cyclist around town should own and use. Fair play I say. The cycling cap is a wonderful item come rain or shine.


The Rapha cap is made from quality cotton, which has wind-proof and water-resistant capability. In practice this works to a point and about as much as cotton can offer in those features. The cap has a nice soft headband which helps to absorb sweat and keep it out of the eyes. The finish quality of the cap is as good as you can get. My four year old cap has not lost a thread in this time (the one pictured is my new one). The classic styling will suit everyone and match most cycling outfits (if you care about that sort of thing).


The cap comes in three sizes and five colour options but, the black seems the obvious choice? The sizing is a little on the small size in my experience, which is probably fine if wearing the cap under a helmet and should not pose a problem with helmet fit.


Hard to fault this cap and it's obvious that it's success has been great (given the rise in cap popularity). The price is a little high but, the quality matches it. This is the cap to buy! Just loses a point on the price.


Review date: 8 December 2011

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  • They also age nicely, acquiring just the right degree of faded insouciance. Rapha should use that word.

    • Steve

      Fantastic word! Thanks Jerry.

  • Macsen

    I managed to get oily fingerprints all over the white stripe on mine on the first time I wore it. Definitely higher quality than my other caps but can’t be sure it’s 3 times higher quality. Still, I prefer the looks to the team caps for coffee breaks so the price is probably worth it.

  • savine

    You should try the caps from a lady in Portland; little packages. all hand made to a fantastic quality and in my opinion better than the Rapha ones…..i’ve a few of them too. including postsge cost me 25euris!

    • Jamie

      Hello Savine, does she have a website?