Specialized BG Comp Glove

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Good constructed glove ruined by weird padding and fit, could be a good glove if you can get the fit right.

This is one of two reviews on gloves. I did a back-to-back test with this glove and the Giro Monaco (the Monaco being the more expensive glove). Specialized have been doing the Body Geometry range for some years now. The range covers shoes, gloves, helmets amongst it’s vast line-up of cycling apparel.

I tested these gloves for a month over various terrain and distances. I also washed them a few times to see how that effected them. The gloves held up to the punishment and showed no signs of wear. The construction is pretty good, but I imagine the thin lycra window on the palm would be the first area to go, and it hardly seem to be needed. Although Specialized reckon it’s to help with sweating I can’t see it making a difference – and it didn’t.

I’ve also found the sizing a little off, but I have non-standard shape hands! As for the gel padding, sure it’s thick and plenty on the palm. That seemed great but, in reality it just compressed too much and felt hard. The difference between the gel padding at the wrist and the foam padding near the fingers – whilst not much – made a significant difference and gripping the bars felt a little weird and then after a few hours uncomfortable and annoying. I think if they reduced the gel padding thickness it would help.

The nicest feature is their microfibre thumb surface on the thumb, with it’s air-holes for ventilation and it’s ability to be very absorbent, made it ideal when things got hot or snotty. One the the best snot wipes I’ve seen on a glove! The upper part of the glove is good too, being very light and made partly from a fine mesh fabric to keep things cool.


Not the best glove I've tried. The fit was out, and the padding although ample didn't work effectively. The build quality is good and the thumb wipe is excellent. Because of the palm and fit issues I find it hard to recommend them entirely. I think if you can get the fit right these gloves might suit – then they might be an excellent summer glove.


Review date: 10 February 2012

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  • Alex

    It is visible, that the gloves on the photos are too large for this hands. 🙂 But nice review! Thanks +1

    I think to give them a try.

    • Steve

      Yes, I couldn’t get the sizing right. I recommend trying them out at a shop before buying.

  • Warren McAllister

    “it’s airholes”, “good constructed”, “effected them” “shape hands” “but, in” (sigh) #grammernazi

    • Steve

      Thanks Warren. That was a long time ago. I’ve since been to Editors School and have improved my English grammar considerably (note; you spell grammar with an a).