Blood, Sweat & Gears Cap

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A traditional cycling cap with a millinery twist, made by hand in the academic city of Cambridge

I like caps, we like caps, you like caps. We often talk about caps and we like those that make them! When we first heard about, This is Cambridge (tic) and their handmade caps we knew we wanted to check  out at least one of them. Now it should come as no surprise that the company is in Cambridge and it is also where the hats are made. We like that. I’ve been to Cambridge a few times, we all know the place for it’s famous university and it is by this reason a cycling town, being an easy way for student and staff to travel around the sprawling campus and flat town, a cycling town long before anywhere else was referred to as being a cycling town. So a cap made here is inspired and draws a lot from the academic heritage. As much as a cap can anyway.

This is Cambridge have three models of caps, that come in all sorts of colour-ways and we took a look at their latest model called ‘Blood, sweat & gears’ in the burgundy and lime colours. This is an unlined cap with a classic shape formed from a 5 panel construction. The contrast of colours are great and when asked what colour I would like to review, was very drawn to the burgundy but, it does come in other colours. The cap has a traditional millinery petersham headband and cap detailing which really sets the cap off nicely.

Does it fit? That is a question us cap lovers like to ask (there is a pun there). The standard cap should fit most craniums but, in case you have a massive bonce, or even a pea sized head they can tailor your cap to suit as each one is handmade, that is a great thing to know and peace of mind that it will fit. My dome is fairly standard if a little bald and bumpy… They asked me for my head size and in return they gave me a great fitting cap, in the golden fit zone of being not too tight and not too loose. That said I used my always helpful wife [in the pics] as a model as I’m too well known as a right munter. That said, she has a similar head size to me but, she has hair… Either way the cap looks gorgeous. The lovely brushed cotton has a great feel when worn and the peak is easy to give the standard up flick when needed.

I think cycling caps are a great symbol of cycling and it’s easy to see why they are popular but when they’re this nice you just feel the business on or off the bike. They never really cost too much and in this case £19.00 + P&P which for the quality and handmade-ness makes it an accessible cycling item nearly all of us can enjoy and marks us out as discerning cyclists without breaking the bank. But don’t forget these caps are designed to be worn under a helmet and I would advise you to wear it in that fashion when on the bike. Off the bike well unless you forget, you can just wear the hat in the cafe!

The cap itself is delivered as a lovely package and although that is not an important overall reason to buy one it does make it a delight to receive and I honestly think these details are an important marker in to the quality of the item inside and I wasn’t let down. Another feature is the print on the inside of the cap which is a great touch. On the outside is just a small ‘iron-on’ style tic logo which is subtle and not very big or distracting from the cap’s overall look.


It’s great there are more cap options and that they are being made here in the UK. Handmade caps that are easily accessible to buy anywhere are also a great appeal and these are too. I really recommend these caps to anyone looking for a nice cycling cap to wear or collect. Total quality with a hint of English tailoring – like we do best. All I can say is top quality cap, great service and really rather nice cap to look at and wear.


Review date: 31 October 2013

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