Velocite Helios Aero

£2,390.00 (F&F+post) available from

An award-winning aerodynamic road bike from Velocite. The captivating frame design of the Helios Aero, is the result of a collaboration between Velocite and Lewis Mathiske, the World Championship winning aero bicycle frame designer.

Velocite was founded in 2008 and is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan but has recently established a UK distribution. The Helios is their top end carbon aerodynamic road bike in the range. It is designed to be stiff and fast, using true aerodynamic profiles. The Helios was selected as winner of a combined 2012 iF Design/Taipei Cycle D&I award in the bicycle category.

Every aspect of the Helios is designed to perfection. The unique frame combines a true aerodynamic profile within the maximum limits of UCI legislation, with stiffness levels exceeding any other aerodynamic bicycle and matching most standard road bicycles. The frame features an asymmetric head tube with a beautiful hourglass profile, a full length BB30 bottom bracket adds to the torsional stiffness. With an aero blade fork that is only 19.5mm thick. Mathiske is confident that this frame is his best work yet and if you visit his website, you will see a very similar frame he launched under the name, Aerowave Corsa.

Velocite have created a custom seat post for the Helios which has 48mm of back and forth, infinite adjustability, making the bicycle very versatile for use in time trial, triathlon or ironman events.

“Saddle position of almost above the bottom bracket as well as up to 40mm of setback can be achieved using the same seat post”

I have tested the Helios for over 300 miles in varying weather conditions and quality of road surface. I wanted to take the Helios to its limits in the areas where it might be flawed, as well as the areas it has been designed for. It has always surpassed my expectations. Producing a bicycle to perform at such a high level, comfort may not be of your list of priorities, but the bike glides over the tarmac just as well as it cuts through the air. The Helios I tested was built with SRAM Red, Velocite Noir 50/50T carbon clinchers, Velocite Licos handlebars, Velocite 1.5” headset and 3T Arx Team stem.

For the first two weeks riding the Helios I couldn’t pace myself: it was such an exciting bicycle to ride! I found myself flying along the tarmac and over hills only to burn out shortly after. After two weeks of adjusting to such potential, I learned to control myself and averaged a very decent pace. It was a tiring learning curve but totally worth it! The Helios is a fantastic bicycle to ride and encourages you to push yourself harder and the rewards are completely worth it.


The Helios is created to be fast and achieves everything it sets out to do. It can currently be built with the Shimano and SRAM groupsets but Velocite are working on a system where you will be able to customise the build on order. It will then be built by Velocite and prepared by your local bike shop. It’s a top end bicycle, so not cheap, but very competitive within its category. I have thoroughly enjoyed riding the Helios! If you are looking for a top of the range carbon road bike with a unique image, then I cannot think of anything better.


Review date: 20 April 2012

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