Velocite SCS Carbon Saddle

£175.58 available from Velocite Bikes

A lightweight, fully carbon saddle that is surprisingly comfortable.


We mentioned in our previous review for Velocite, they don’t just make frames or wheels but components as well. The Velocite SCS Carbon Saddle being one of them that attracts a rather specific crowd. For those amongst us who are looking for ‘marginal gains’ or obsessed with weight. The saddle weighs just 113 grams, has a soft carbon fiber monocoque shell with oval carbon rails.


SCS stands for Soft Carbon Shell. The shell is a patented layup of soft carbon fiber which has a considerable amount of flex in comparison to the other carbon saddles which are effectively solid. Knowing all the facts and figures from Velocite website about the SCS saddle I was eager to get out on a ride and experience it for myself.


I fitted the saddle and ventured out for a ride the second it arrived. I was incredibly eager to experience such a change. To escape the city and get some nice countryside miles on the SCS, I have to ride through an assorted selection of tarmac and road surfaces. It wasn’t long before I had an idea of what level of comfort the saddle provides. My first impression of the saddle was just magnificent, I could not quite understand how something that looks saw raw and basic could be so comfortable.


The oval carbon rails do not connect straight to the shell of the saddle. They are joined via a leaf spring which connects separately to the body providing even more flex to the soft carbon shell. The saddle also has a perineal cutout that aids ventilation and circulation which also makes it suitable for female riders.


I used the Velocite SCS for just under eight months and have never experienced any level of discomfort. It has been used for short commutes to work, after work training and weekend rides of up to 4-5 hours in that time. It attracts a lot of attention from fellow cyclists and anyone who is sharp enough to notice it is not like a normal saddle.


There is no padding on the Velocite SCS. But when riding in padded bib shorts, I am not sure much more padding is always necessary. I have got so used to the SCS that I could quite easily continue using the saddle as a permanent fixture to my road bike. If I were to start embarking on all day rides and touring, I might rethink that decision. But if that were the case, I am not sure I would still use my carbon road bike for either of those ventures.


The Velocite SCS is an phenomenal product and a really interesting alternative to other ‘normal’ padded saddles. But I don’t think it would suit everyone. If you are a light racer, someone who just wants the lightest bike or maybe you just like the look of the saddle! I wouldn't say I need it, far from it for the cycling I do but after using the Velocite SCS for that amount of time, I am certainly converted!


Review date: 6 April 2014

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