Velocite Selene

$899 (frame and forks set) available from

The best alloy bike your money can buy from a small brand with big potential. Serious rival against the well established brands out there and the ride is superb.


Alloy. What happened to alloy? The once wonder product in cycling materials, well it’s still here and when Velocite built the Selene they used alloy. Over the years I’ve ridden plenty of alloy bikes, some good, some bad. The Selene is the best I’ve ridden ever. After riding the Selene it’s hard to question why a rider like me would need anything better or more expensive and I’ve ridden alloy bike with higher price tags.

I tested the Selene over a rolling course with smooth roads, rough roads, climbs and descents. I tried to find a weakness and pushed the bike into corners, potholes, hard sprints, seated climbs and came back with nothing but a positive reaction from the bike. So I pushed harder but, never came the point of surrender from the Selene. Sure it’s stiff and light, alloy is good at that but, the comfort is damn good too. The road buzz is there, at a good level, at level you need for that all important feed-back between you and the road. The bike is confident and sure footed in just about any given situation, you could build this bike up, to do just about anything, from sportives to criterium racing. When you ride a bike like this [this being, stiff, light, well made and affordable] it’s hard to see why you need carbon, steel, titanium at a premium price when the Selene feels as good as it does.


For the money you get a lot of features too; Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom, BB30 bottom bracket, Bora S fork, headset, TLCS31 seatpost, Velocite Anchor clamp, Full lifetime warranty! The frame weight is 1200g-1450g and the construction is triple butted 7005-T6 alloy, hand welded and 100% shot-peened after welding. Solid set of features which should re-assure any consumer that the money spent is well-spent. You can have the bike in many different build options and I tested the Selene with Shimano Ultegra gears, TRP brake callipers and FSA chain-set which all worked flawlessly on the bike.


Velocite might not be a well known brand [yet] but, the bikes that they build and deliver are as good as many well known brands out there. I personally don’t know about the defining numbers that go in to testing bike stiffness or the principle involved but, I know when a bike feels stiff, the Selene has 125 N/mm stiffness at the bottom bracket to be exact and that apparently is very stiff. I could go on about this bike and tell you about the oversized tubing, paint etc… It really doesn’t matter. It just rides very well. So well that if I need a new bike for any reason this is at the top of my list.


It's hard to fault the Selene, personally I'm not a big fan of the current paint scheme but, neither do I hate the paint scheme, I just happen to be very fussy! Like I've said I can't see why many of us need any more from a bike. I guess the only problem is you've never heard of Velocite and you might think that they're just some Taiwanese bikes with no thought going into the end product. Well I can tell you that is very far from the truth and your money would be well spent on a Selene. But if you want brand names then I'm afraid this isn't the bike for you and that might be a great loss to you.


Review date: 24 November 2011

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