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Putting on the Alpine Jersey from Vulpine is like getting a little cuddle.

Putting on the Alpine Jersey from Vulpine is like getting a little cuddle. Fresh, brand new merino is always so soft and comfortable but this jersey is made from Vulpine’s finest and award-winning 180g Tasmanian merino wool. It’s more special than your average woollen jersey then.

Merino has some special qualities that are well known about and make it a fine choice for the construction of active clothing; the ability to wick away your sweat, keep your temperature to a comfortable level and to stop you stinking like a pair wrestlers boxer shorts. So does this jersey do that? Yep. It works very well and the weight of merino that’s used is very good at it. You can get a few days odour-free-use commuting from this jersey, compared to a manmade fibre jersey. That’s good.

Like all merino however if you saturate it with sweat it doesn’t work as well and takes longer to dry than manmade fibres. The lightweight fabric here dries quickly though and you’ll have to work up quite a sweat to saturate it that much. During testing I rode this in some high temps to see how it handled. Well it was hot, I got too hot, and merino probably wasn’t the best choice at over 25 degrees celcius and climbing hills… But the jersey didn’t feel itchy or un-comfy. Equipped with a full length zip which I put to good use – my hairy chest scared a few walkers though – oh well. Open the zip on the way up big climbs and zip up for going down the other side and you’ll be just right.

Another reason this jersey is so comfy is that it has no floppy sewn in labels to scratch your back and flat locked stitching. The fit has to be one of my favourites of any jersey i’ve tested. I found the length is just right, nice and long at the back and equipped with a silicon gripper so it doesn’t ride up. It’s also a smart looking jersey, hinting towards a classic gentlemanly cycling style from the past that I really like. It looks good with your bib shorts or more casual cycling clothing and the high collar keeps the chill off your neck on cooler mornings.

Available in 4 colours, each has a contrasting zip and the embroidered Vulpine logos match it’s colour. The pocket design has been developed since Vulpine’s button jersey and there’s less sagging here. The lightweight merino is stretchy so putting lots of kit in your back pockets is not going to be comfy as it will bounce around. Vulpine suggest ‘two energy bars, banana, phone, keys and some coins’ and I would agree. I’ve put a phone in the right pocket in the photos above although it’s exaggerated any sag as I didn’t pull the jersey straight. There are two rear-angled pockets with button fastenings that have little Vulpine logos on and a rear zip pocket that is lower down to avoid getting in the way of hydration packs. Theres a  reflective stripe above that and a loop for hanging a light. The full length zip has a leather pull and it tucks into the collar when zipped so there’s no rubbing on your chin.


Vulpine always pay a lot of attention to the details and it shows here again. The Vulpine Alpine Jersey is a very well thought out product that's certainly designed by cyclists. If you like merino you will love this jersey, it just feels so comfy you could ride all day in it, hang it up to air and ride again the next day. Perfect for a multi day trip to the Alps perhaps. Vulpine have got this one just right. A long sleeve version will be available in October 2013 and I think that one will get you through the winter just nicely.


Review date: 5 September 2013

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  • Jayne

    I bought one for my partner its nice but the pockets are unusable as the back sags so much it catches on the saddle and is dangerous.

    • Steve

      I often suffer this fate, I don’t fit sizes too well. It happened to me on a Rapha jersey, which was otherwise lovely, not really the jerseys fault. Vulpine are a great company and you should try to speak to them. Dan, fits them perfectly so his honest reflection is shown in the review.

  • Jayne

    Hi Steve – They said they knew it was a problem and they were fixing it in the next version. The buttons came off as they just got in the way.

    The fabrics not robust enough for so many pockets. I will stick to Rapha and Shutt theirs are reinforced and suffer no sag