Vulpine Merino Button Jersey

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A cycling specific jersey that looks as good off the bike as it does on the bike.

Vulpine has now been in business just over a year and is doing great. They have just been nominated for Best Brand at the London Cycling Awards. Since we started reviewing the Button Jersey, they have also ventured into the world of women’s cycling and started sponsoring top racing team Matrix Fitness Racing Academy. Keep an eye out for Vulpine at their next Cycling Fete.

The Button Jersey was one of the first products Vulpine launched with back in March 2012. It has been hugely successful since then they started. We reviewed the 2012 edition, there is now an new and improved version for 2013, taking on board feedback from their customers. Vulpine’s description of the jersey is “This is a jersey for all cycling, from coffee commutes to Alpine descents, right across a wide temperature range”.

The jersey is made from 100% Merino Wool, which means it is very breathable, fast drying and odor-resistant, which is always a bonus!  The 2012 top was cut longer for cycling, with two rear-angled pockets which when filled with item such as a phone, tended to sag and pull the jersey down. This has now been updated for 2013 by shortening the body and tapering the pockets to prevent the items from sagging. The shorter body still fits very well, even on the taller gentlemen.  Vulpine have illustrated this on their website by using both their tall models, James and Paul. There is also a zipped valuables pocket.

Vulpine garments are influenced by classic British tailoring and the button jersey demonstrates this very well. The merino has flat-lock stitching, meaning there are no layers to the underside: the seam is butted together. This attention to finish provides much more comfort and adds to the overall quality of look and feel. There are no scratchy labels: all details about the jersey are printed onto the neck.

There is a silicon waist gripper to help keep the jersey where it should be. The silicon gripper is rear only for 2013, so the cut and comfort is improved on the waist.

The attention to detail on the Button jersey is impressive, to say the least. The engraved buttons are stitched in a V pattern. Much like the rest of the Vulpine range, the branding is minimal and subtle: two embroidered Vulpine logo’s, one on the left arm and one on the collar, in a contrasting red. There is a reflective rear strip with a loop to attach a rear light.

The jersey is best suited to casual/chilled out riding rather than racing and training. I used the jersey mainly on nice summery rides and with the occasional post-work ride with a backpack. This is where I noticed the benefits of angled pockets: allowing easier access to food or a phone for a cheeky mid-ride photograph.

The jersey feels great and the merino material is not itchy at all, unlike other base layers and merino items I have used in the past. Because the jersey uses buttons rather than a zip, the wind can travel through the jersey more freely so the jersey lends itself to fairer weather.


We tested the jersey during a UK summer and got on fairly well as the sun never comes out for too long. In hotter climates, the merino may start to weigh slightly more after sweating your way up the side of a mountain. If you are a fan of merino or the more casual riding garments, packing this for hotter climates may not be the right choice. The few issues we found with the 2012 Button jersey have now been fixed with the 2013 edition. So with the attention to detail, high end fabric and finish, it is hard to pick any faults with it. You would be hard pushed to find a nicer merino jersey!


Review date: 10 May 2013

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  • Glad to hear about the shorter length, I had (send it back due to a fault) the 2012 jersey and found that it was so long it would get caught on my saddle, and valuables in the pocket could get sat on pretty easily.

    I’m 6ft 4 and had a large so it shouldn’t have been an issue really, but was just that tad too long. Other than that, super bit of kit.

    Looking forward to replacing it with their loverly looking Alpine jersey.