Guest Post: Milk Bikes Part One

It is with great pleasure that I present these guest posts from Milk Bikes. In the build-up to Bespoked 2014, Milk Bikes will be giving us a view into what it takes to present at the show. This is a great honour and we really like what Milk Bikes does and this year is no exception, keep your eyes open as there will be more to come on this series of pre-bespoked posts from Milk Bikes.

RDA - Black and Red 1
RDA - Riding Through the Passage
RDA - By the River

Milk Bikes: Series 1

Milk’s been around for a few years now, doing some of the best commuter bikes around. It’s been a blast but things are pretty different now from when it all began for us.

What felt like our own little belt-driven haven has blossomed into something a bit bigger and a bit more main stream; a niche no more. But that’s cool, we’re changing too. And we’re hugely excited about the things we’re working on!

We’re taking advantage of one of our biggest attributes; being little. We’re nimble and agile, and can do things that bigger businesses just can’t. We can swivel on a sixpence and make decisions straightaway, without tonnes of emails, meetings and multi-coloured pie charts.

So here you have it. Here’s our plan for the next phase of Milk Bikes; we are producing amazingly beautiful and functional bikes in small production runs we call the Milk Bikes Series.

Each Series will be different from another other, and every bike within a Series will be in some way individual and distinctive. For example all of the bikes will be named, not numbered – just as we named every one of the 250 Jersey cows on the dairy farm in Zimbabwe where Mark grew up.

A design will never be repeated. Once a series has been produced, that’s it. The design will be retired for eternity. With a dozen bikes in a Series and four Series produced each year there aren’t going to be many of these bikes. But we would much rather produce a few awesome bikes than a bunch of mediocre ones. Those that own one of these Milk Series bikes will undeniably have something pretty special.

We want to make bikes that people will get excited about and look forward to riding. Our bikes will last and hopefully become heirloom products rather than landfill fodder.

The first Series will be a lovely little step-through bike. We’ve designed it with city life in mind, so it’s smaller than you’d expect and has some of the key low-maintenance features we’ve had on the RDA over the past few years; belt drive, hub gears and integrated battery-free lighting. It’s almost all made in the UK too, which we’re particularly excited about. And we’ve got a few more interesting details in work.

The prototype will be at the Bespoked UK Handmade Bike Show next month. Come down and check it out.

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