Guest Post: Milk Bikes Part Three

We are now onto the third guest instalment from Milk Bikes and things are very intriguing at this point. Not long to go until we see this creation in full, for those going to the show it will be well worth the effort to see Milk bikes work up close.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Wood 4

Milk Bikes Series 1 – Wood, Butter and Milk

We’ve always admired Simon Muir’s Woodguards so it was an obvious choice when we were looking for mudguards for the bikes of Series 1. But we wanted to go a bit further and see what we could come up with. With this being a city bike we want people to ride in whatever they feel like wearing, rather than needing to wear bike-friendly clothing. So they needed to be protected from wet weather and from the moving parts. The ability to carry things with you while getting around is critical too, so a way of doing that was needed.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Wood 1

The mudguards and a belt-guard were designed to suit the frame. Simon hadn’t made any 24” mudguards so he needed to make new tooling in order to do that. The other cool thing we did with the mudguards was lay them up with the electrical wiring for a rear guard-mounted dynamo-powered light embedded in the guard itself. Not sure if this has been done before, but it should give a really clean, minimal look. Rather excited about how it’ll look though a little nervous about getting all the wiring connected up!

One of the things that we really like about Simon’s Woodguards is that he protects the underside of them with Formica. And Formica comes in a vast range of colours. We ended up choosing a colour called ‘Butter Milk’, obviously!

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Wood 2

A wooden deck has been designed and made to fit on the front of the bike. It will hopefully complement the other wooden parts and add all-important functionality to this lovely little city bike. The production version will be closer in style to a skateboard, and be constructed in one piece using a large CNC’d form.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Wood 3

The frame and forks are now painted and we’re waiting to get them back from Argos in Bristol. We’ve not seen them yet. The wheels have been built and they’re sitting in the boot of the Milk-mobile. They look rather shiny! As does the re-finished Gates front sprocket that should arrive back from Manchester tomorrow.

Really can’t wait to get the thing built up. It’s been a figment of the imagination for so long now. We’ve got a deadline of 9am on Saturday morning to get it all built as that’s when we are scheduled to start a photo shoot in the middle of Chelmsford.

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