Hardworking and Humble on the DL

Hardworking and Humble on the DL, (Donkey Label for short) is a short video that should inspire us all. Daniel races for Donkey Label and is a Captain within the Minneapolis Fire Department. He is a multiple World and National Champion on the track and at age 49 is one of the fastest guys in the state of MN regardless of age. We made this film to show what goes on inside his mind and in the basement of the fire station that allows him to perform his job and his passion at the highest level. Check it out.

Directed by: Todd Grabe
Produced and Filmed by: T.C. Worley
2nd Camera: Joshua Shores
Audio Tech: Patrick Schaeffer
Gaffer: Patrick Murray
Edited by: Todd Grabe
Music: Richard Werbowenko
Color/Audio Mix: Carlos Lamas

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