Hartley Cycles – London

5.Jenni's Compact Road Bike_Hartley Cycles

Caren Hartley trained as a jeweller and a silversmith who for over 10 years has been making beautiful objects from metal. Thankfully for us she started road cycling a few years ago and has gone from learning to maintain and fix bikes at the London Bike Kitchen to becoming a framebuilder and setting up Hartley Cycles. Based in South London Hartley Cycles aim is to create beautiful bespoke steel bicycles for men and women. Caren is one of only a small number of female framebuilders and has a focus on creating solutions for women and smaller riders. This bike is built for Jenni, the director of London Bike Kitchen and handbuilt from Columbus Spirit tubing. Painted in a great colour that offsets the handmade silver head badge which i think really finishes off this beautiful bike. If you noticed there’s no chain or cables, it’s being built up! The bottom right photo is a sneak preview of the latest custom build, polished stays and silver work on the down tube, looking forward to seeing that one when it’s complete!

6.Hand pierced solid silver headbadge detail_Hartley Cycles

8.BB cluster_Hartley Cycles

9.Polished Stainless Dropouts_Hartley Cycles

10.Polished Stainless Dropouts_Hartley Cycles


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