Headset Press Predictions for 2015


Welcome to 2015 and our Headset Press Predictions. Another year of cycling, another year of things changing. I really like to throw our predictions into the media ring most years and this year I have three predictions. To date I’ve only really got one right and that was the rise of the all road bike (aka gravel bike) so statically speaking I’m talking shit but, please bare with it as I think this year I’m getting my spiritual connection to cycling finely honed, even Derek Wankcorah or Mystic Smegg would gave into crystal ball with wonder.


They won’t go away will they? I’m sold on these, at first I was a luddite, even though I mountain bike I would consider discs an essential component of an MTB, I could see the point and it dawned on me this was just the aesthetics that was bothering me. I’ve now seen enough road bikes with discs that I’m accepting the look. Beyond being a philistine, what isn’t there to like? It seems they don’t rip your bike apart with the immense stopping power and work like a dream in all conditions, unlike rim brakes. Once you lose that brake track and rubbing the shit out of your rim, you get better lasting wheels too. Give another 12 months and Road Discs will be a must for just about everyone being a new bike.


Rapha recently set up their rather exclusive cycle club at £200 per year. The haters hated it immediately. I bet most of us spend more than that on coffees and mobile phones every year. We don’t see the problem or the need to say it’s ridiculous, it’s not. Being in a club is great, I miss my old clubs (Westerley CC and St Austell Wheelers). There are tonnes of clubs to join, locally, globally or your own with your buddies. What is ace is creating your look and it’s all about riding and talking about bikes. Coffee not always included but it should be. Join today and have an ace 2015 with a club.


Cycling is great for kit and over the last couple of years bike packs and bags have really grown. For the most part they’re made up of cottage industries like Mack Workshop and Porcelain Rocket (bag featured) that is really cool and I hope that independent outlier spirit survives. What it allows you to do is neatly pack a bike otherwise not intended for touring and proper panniers and pack enough stuff to do bigger rides. There are so many options on these packs you can really get yourself dialled for all sorts of trips. 2015 is about getting out there and packing it up!

From us at The Headset Press, we wish you a great year ahead on and off the bicycle. We also hope to bring new content on the site, hopefully more unique stuff but, maybe a bit less (and more time riding?). We have, to date run this site without any funding and in our limited spare time. That isn’t easy, even between three of us, we can only devote so much time, we work day jobs too! plus family time and everything else life throws at us. We have always dreamt of being able to make this our jobs and deliver the content we know we can, given our skills. So, feel free to contact (email in the footer) us if you have any ideas how we can grow the site and make it a commercial success.

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