Introducing Galibier – Fine bike wear.

Galibier – Fine bike wear

It’s our pleasure to introduce, Galibier – Fine bike wear. A range of cycle clothing inspired by The Col du Galibier, made with passion and commitment. They offer excellent bike wear and customer service. We got a chance to check out some of their offerings and are suitably impressed to post on them here. I think the stuff they make and sell is premium on a budget, not the cheapest but the best value for your money. Stylish too.

Élysée Leather Glove £28.55

Galibier – Fine bike wear

Élysée Leather Glove detail

Fantastic glove with old school feel, made from leather with a fleece lining. These gloves are exceptionally comfortable and offer natural wind resistance. Perfect for early spring rides where the temps are not quite ready for gloveless rides. For the price you will be hard pushed to find better. These gloves were a real surprise, I didn’t think they would be warm enough but on a 5ºC ride I was nice and toasty. I have funny shaped hands and the large fits me width wise but a little long in the finger but, still enough dexterity to get the straps done up. Nice cuff length too so can tuck under the jacket sleeve for a cosy fit. Only downside to leather is they take a while to dry out once wet. The price is a huge upside for this quality and come in a neat bag (pictured).

Pro Lite Socks £7 or 2 pairs for £12

Pro Lite Socks


Sock game is important. These lightweight socks have got game. Looking forward to breaking these out proper in the summer, for now they’ve just been hiding under overshoes. First impressions are a very comfy sock good for all day use with the reinforced footbed. £12 for two pairs is good. The running theme hear is quality at a decent price. Well worth adding to your sock collection.

Windstop Skull Cap £8.94

Windstop Skull Cap

An absolute must item to own. This one is no exception and like all their products the quality to price is bang on. This has seen my head good in freezing conditions and keep my brain from freezing up! It has a windproof material on the forehead and the rest is a fleece lined fabric. The panel construction fits the head nice and snug but is comfy. It covers the ears and is very low bulk and fits easily under the helmet. A must item. Comes in medium and large.

Mistral toe covers £8.90


Last but not least, toe covers. Spring gear you need to have, light and easy to stow but offers those toes warmth on a cold start. Also good for doubling up with full overshoes in extreme cold. True to the value of Galibier these are great quality and price. The 2016 toe warmers are 2cm longer than any other toe warmers on the market. Covering more shoe and offering more protection – ideal.

Head over the to get some fine bike wear

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