Jaegher Catalogue

Jeagher Catalogue Cover Detail

The Jaegher Catalogue is different… When we recently posted two fine examples of their bikes it was easy to see the beauty in those bikes. But for us, Jaegher run a little deeper than that. At Headset Press all three of us work in the graphic design industry so we are aware of how brands works. This is where we think Jaegher is more than good and it’s great to see a quality product having a quality design ethic too. There is no reason to follow the norms either, plenty of reason to show and retain your heritage though. Especially if that heritage is still alive and at the heart of the business.

Jeagher Catalogue Cover

Jeagher Catalogue cobbles

Jeagher Catalogue Merckx

It was with great pleasure to be able to take a closer look at their printed communication. Here is there catalogue and they’ve chosen to produced it in a tabloid newspaper format, which on it’s one is a good and confident choice. But content is king and it’s full of good content and quality layout and typography. You could turn your nose up at this and dismiss it as gimmicks. What it really is, is respect for their product and history. I like a bicycle brand that is honest, happy, confident and in touch with the past to make the future. There are plenty who try but often fail. Jaeger doesn’t.

Whats more, is that the catalogue is clear and concise when it comes to the information on it’s frames and would help to supplement what they have online. So if your lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, take some time to admire the work that went into it, it’s how I imagine they feel about their frames too. Do it well, make it function and give it exquisite form.



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