Loopwheels re-invent the wheel

Wandering around Bespoked Bristol at the weekend we came across Loopwheels. Seeing them made us stop in our tracks and take a closer look at this exciting new Kickstarter business.

Loopwheels are 20″ bicycle wheels that have an integral spring type suspension system to provide cushioning. The wheels use a conventional hub brake and gear setup but there are no conventional spokes. Instead there is a three spring system made from carbon composite that provides compression but is still stable and strong.

While we were there a slightly large chap jumped on the test bike and bounced. I expected the wheels just to squash up like they were footballs. They didn’t obviously, as that would be daft but the hub kind of floats around the centre point with the kind of flex you get from pushing down on a mountain bike fork. It’s impressive.

The front and rear Loopwheels have different spring rates with the rear one being twice as stiff as the front. This is a great way of getting suspension on a folding bike.

There’s a lot of information on their kickstarter page, plenty of diagrams too. One thing i enjoyed looking at the their stand were the development wheels. There were several of them with changes on each one.

There were jelly beans too:

Being a kickstarter project there are numerous levels of pledges with some nice rewards such as the Loopwheels Morvelo jersey and NB (Neil Bennett) cartoons below. Head over to the Loopwheels kickstarter page for more info.

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