Mason Cycles Website is live

Mason Cycles Website

Mason Cycles Website is now live and fully functional. Mason are really working hard to put their brand where it should rightfully be and what we’ve seen so far is really impressive. That includes the website!

Here is a little of what Dom (of Mason Cycles) had to say via email;

“It’s been a really encouraging start for the brand and sales have certainly been helped by the fantastic reviews for both the bikes and feedback from early adopters of the brand has been equally enthusiastic! A great sign is how many of the reviewers and industry types have decided to purchase a Mason bike after trying them. I’ve also really enjoyed working with the brands and people I admire in the industry, like HUNT wheels, Fabric components and the guys at Morvelo and also of course Columbus and Dedacciai, really getting to know and understand the tubing.

We seem to have found our niche straight away and our first two bikes, the Columbus steel ‘Resolution’ and Dedacciai Alu ‘Definition’ have had an amazingly positive response from both riders and press.”

Here’s a typical response “…I have been looking for a bike that fits my requirements for about a year now and everything was a compromise until I saw your bikes so waiting few months longer won’t bother me in the least….apart from the real urge to ride one of course. I think you have nailed it with the type of bike you have designed especially for me riding 3 or 4 times a week year round with a few sportives and social rides thrown in plus a few potential mini tours on the horizon. Plus I do like to own something that is bit unique.”


All we can say is go take a look at Mason Cycles Website

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