Mercredi Sausage Camo is dog friendly

Sausage Camo

Mercredi Sausage Camo is a very cool CX bike from frame builder Adeline O’Moreau. Mercredi is her bike building business, that has a take on how she believes things should be done. “I make bikes to be ridden, not show bikes. That’s why I will never file my filets. But don’t worry, I make very good looking joints straight off the torch. If I spent time smoothing out the joints, the feeling of the ride wouldn’t change. But the bike would become a ton more expensive. If it becomes a ton more expensive, you are a lot less likely to ride it very hard. And that would be a real shame.” and that my friends is a good thing. In case you missed, she was at Bespoked 2017 and some of her work can been seen here.

The Sausage Camo bike came about to be a; long and low, fast and responsive, innocent looking but absolutely unstoppable CX machine. Then something mad happened. In Adeline’s own words; “So when we started designing the paint, I asked Robin – “do you trust me? I’ve got an idea, but I don’t think I can explain it”

And he did trust me.

So I got in touch with friend and amazing illustrator Thomas Slater who was immediately seduced by the idea. I think he is, like Robin and I are, a little bit Sausage Dog in spirit.

The last ingredient we needed was paint. The guys at Cole Coatings came up with a clever twist on your usual candy, and used the different amount of paint to bring depth to the #sausagedogcamo. 87 dogs. On such a small bike.The reasult – a great racing bike capable to handle entire days off road too.

Robin’s got mad plan for this bike: Dirty Reiver, 3Peaks and Griduro, the local CX leagues as well as the gruelling Echapée Escapades, brought to you by London’s nicest bunch: Sunday Echapée.It’s made of Columbus Zona tubes with Columbus MUD forks. In fact, it also features a super special Sausage Dove logo, a flying dog tribute to Columbus’ iconic Dove. I loved designing that one so much that I also turned it into a pin badge. It’s kitted out with Hope’s XC 29er hoops and headset, Sram Rival group set and Fizik finishing kit.Same again, innocent looking but meanly determined.

We took those photos with Giles Smith and the help of Phil from Sausage Dog Hotel.

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