Mind is the Ride book funding

Mind is the Ride

Mind is the Ride is currently book funding and is an interesting take on the journey and is going to be a stunning thing to read. Jet McDonald cycled four thousand miles from Bristol to India but didn’t want to write another travel book.

I asked Jet to explain; Basically I’m crowdfunding “Mind is the Ride,” a book about my journey from Bristol to India by bicycle. The book is also a journey from Western to Eastern philosophy and a tour round the components of a bicycle. By the end of the book the journey from Bristol to India has been completed, the journey from Western to Eastern philosophy completed and a bicycle built from the parts that make it. People pledge in advance for a copy of the book, with their name in the back, and if enough people pledge then the book is published by Unbound who sell and distribute it via Penguin / Random House.

There are lots of rewards other than the hardback and the top one is a handbuilt frame by award winning builder Robin Mather, who has a bike on show at The Design Museum. The bike is made to fit the pledger and has the Philosophers mentioned in the book stencilled on the frame alongside the bike parts they’re associated with. It’s a complete one off.

The book begins with a Chapter on Portsmouth Harbour, Descartes and the Bottom Bracket and moves towards Mumbai, Indian Philosophy and The Headset.

There’s a video about the project and lots more information including bio, synopsis, sample chapters and rewards at

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