#minicobbles photo challenge


Here at HSP we love Paris Roubaix so to celebrate we are running #minicobbles photo challenge.

A silly fun idea with no other purpose than channelling your inner Roubaix rider. When I was a kid I was always pretending to be a bike racer or a ninja. Not a lot has changed but, these days it’s heaps easier to take pictures while being foolish.

What we want you to do is share your Roubaix spirit, you know, watch the action then go out find your local cobbled section and take a pic.

All you have to do is tag that picture #minicobbles and share on FB, Twitter or Instagram. At the end of the week we pick a winning picture and send you some cool stuff. It should really be about the winning but, like any rider you got to be in it to win it.

Tag your images with #minicobbles
Your image has to capture your Roubaix imagination
Share on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram
Post as many pictures as you like
Have fun
Ends 19/04/2015
We pick the winner and notify


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