Shand Hoy Keirin Bike

Shand Hoy Keirin Bike

Chris Hoy, the most successful Great British Olympian has teamed up with Shand Cycles to create the Shand Hoy Keirin bike, a one off hand-built track frame. Sir Chris met Shand Cycles last year to discuss a collaboration to commemorate Hoy’s seven Olympic medals in a Scottish partnership between Shand and Hoy. What a beauty they have created.

Sir Chris loves Japanese Keirin and his name is written on the top tube in Japanese. The gold and silver circles represent the seven Olympic medals that he won during his career. Built with tubing and geometry specified by Sir chris and finished with Dura-Ace Track components we’d love to see him putting it through it’s paces on a velodrome.

Shand Hoy Keirin 2

Shand Hoy Keirin 3

Shand Hoy Keirin 5

Shand Hoy Keirin 6

Shand Hoy Keirin 7

Shand Hoy Keirin 8

Shand Hoy Keirin

Shand Hoy Keirin Bike 8

Craddock Cycles handmade custom carbon

craddock cycles black

Craddock Cycles latest frame is an interesting build in that it has a horizontal top tube not usually found on a high spec carbon racing frame. With a short head tube and long reach it has a really different geometry setup completely tailored to it’s new owner. Craddock Cycles are the only company in England that create their own handmade carbon fibre bike frames. Using roll wrapped laminates of carbon fibre and epoxy matrix the frames can be constructed in a bike jig in a similar fashion to steel frames. The joints are then laid up by hand using prepreg carbon fibre and the laminate is tailored for each frame according the the riders data. Craddock Cycles flickr has lots more photos of the construction.


Craddock Jig




Tour de France 2014: Winners podium

Tour de France 2014: Winners Podium

Tour de France 2014 is coming towards it’s close, we have crossed all the mountains and Nabali has proven his mettle. The podium places almost sorted, certainly from the classification standings they are. You have to admit it’s always going to be a slightly frustrating win situation for Nabali, everyone is going to say; but what if Contador and Froome were there? Well they weren’t. Well done Nabili and good shot too (see below). As things go, he certainly built a strong lead and dealt with his rivals swiftly over the mountains. The final time trial is bit of a shame really because it would have great to have that – and I’m still annoyed there is only one – final Time Trial count, a seven minute lead is a very safe buffer over your nearest rival.

The green jersey comp is pretty much wrapped up too. Sagan has that, he played the long tactical game, claiming points along the way, but boring for an often fun rider. Still it’s a good job done and I don’t think there is any question about who was there and not this year for the green jersey. The polkadot is always a bit more interesting and often yields unexpected results. Rafal Majka is pretty much set to take it and have the best result of his career, what happens to him from here is anyones guess but looking at his wiki page, he could be about to hit pay dirt.

The fans. Well, it’s younger people, it’s more gender mixed but, more people in the way and more stupidity. Dangerous. Mobile phones and selfies are going to get someone hurt. I don’t understand the need to either stand right out in the road or run alongside riders. Let’s keep it safe. But we all love a fail gif…

Tour de France 2014: Nibali hits spectator with cellphone mobile


The Comprehensive Guide to the Bicycle Print

Comprehensive Guide to the Bicycle Print 2

The Comprehensive Guide to the Bicycle Print is pretty much a family tree of the bicycle. Illustrated by Andy from Wyatt9 the print features over 70 bikes showing how they are connected through history. The bikes look really detailed and it’s a pretty impressive piece of work. There’s space left for three bikes to be added which you can vote for if you pledge. A postcard will cost you £3 and a huge 18×24″ print is £25. We are big fans of cycling art and it’s great to see this. Have a look on their Kickstarter page for full details.

Comprehensive Guide to the Bicycle Print 1

Comprehensive Guide to the Bicycle Print 3

Colnago C60 true Italian craftsmanship

Colnago C60 is a true Italian masterpiece in bicycle form. Leave something to the Italians and they will make it sublime. The list is long when it comes to gorgeous Italian design and the C60 is on that list. What we really like about it is the craftsmanship involved, once Italy led the way in building carbon bikes only to be superseded in production capacity in Asia. What and where the C60 defines itself is in the fact it isn’t part of the mainstream built in Taiwan or China. It’s done the time honoured way  in a small factory in Italy, of course this isn’t to detract from bikes not made like this, just that this is something special. Something to be ridden and cherished, you might need deep pockets though. If I did have the money I have to admit this would be on the list of bicycles to own. To us the C60 represents craftsmanship not money though, watch the video and I’m sure you will agree. More info on the Colnago C60.

Colnago C60

Colnago C60

Colnago C60

Colnago C60

John’s Stainless Steel Saffron

Saffron Stainless Steel 1

Matthew Sowter’s (Saffron Frameworks) latest creation has been crafted from Reynolds 953, which is stainless steel. A great choice when one of the requirements for the frame to be left naked (without paint). You may have noticed that the frame is also lugged, Matthew hand carved and cut these lugs from fleur de lys. They were then polished to add a subtle but classy highlights to the frame design. The bike is a mixture of classic and modern technology, including carbon clinchers and belt drive. The end product weighs in at 7.8kg.

Saffron Frameworks won ‘Best in Show’ for his Cyclefit fully stainless steel road bike earlier this year at Bespoked 2014. They also picked up the prestigious ‘Peer Award’, which considering Matthew’s competition at Bespoked this year, must of been a true honour!

Saffron Stainless Steel 2

Saffron Stainless Steel 3

Saffron Stainless Steel 4

Simpson Magazine La Course T-shirt

Simpson Magazine La Course T-shirt

Simpson Magazine have released a t-shirt to celebrate La Course at the Tour de France. The T-Shirt is only £15 and available from their website.

On the final day of the Tour de France (27th July), 120 Elite Women will be racing along “the most beautiful avenue in the world”, the Champs-Élysées. There are some big names attending the race including the world and Olympic road race champion, Marianne Vos and two of our best, British Olympic medallists Lizzie Armitstead and Pooley.

Women’s Cycling appears to be heading in the right direction at the moment and I hope it continues. This year we saw the first ever, Women’s Tour of Britain (The Friends Life Women Tour) which was truly remarkable. The Women’s Tour coverage was only evening highlights but whilst it was running, the Giro didn’t stand a chance for me. I was glued to the edge of the sofa, the rivalry between Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armistead made for some excellent racing and viewing. Battling it out for intermediate sprints, gritty breakaways and some superb bunch sprints. It was fantastic to see the big contenders in all of the action and driving on the pace.

Tour de France 2014: Sharking the podium

Tour de France 2014: Sharking the Podium

Tour de France 2014 is turning out to be one tough ride. Now on the second rest day and heading for more gruelling mountain stages, it isn’t about to get any easier. With all the Tour de France 2014 favourites long gone we see another group of riders emerging to take control and at the top of this group is Vincenzo Nibali. A talented rider, no doubt, one very capable of top results with or the favourites there or not. It does beg the question, would he be doing so well if Contador and Froome were controlling the race? I think the common verdict is that he would. More power to him. Can he make it all the way to the podium in Paris to be Tour de France 2014 champion? Well Valverde is 4 mins 37 secs behind, a good rival no less, along with others within the top ten but, the time gap is good.

Given the nature of world class cycling and performance drug, there is no question that they will not be asked about doping. We like to be pragmatic about it at Headset Press but, we know this question is paramount to most. Nibali is no exception and should expect to be asked the awkward question of doping. His response can really only be that he doesn’t and that it’s a bad thing. Where a rider probably draws the line is where it’s legal and illegal, banned or not banned. Let’s face it a three week race at this intensity is crazy and keeping in good health the most important thing.

My question is, if it’s not illegal and not on a banned list is it ok? Platelet-rich-plasma injections (aka PRP) are such a thing, it won’t help your performance in as much make you faster or stronger but will help you recover from the daily damage. According to a recent article in Outside Online, that gleamed the information from a recent study, claims that this isn’t banned but, is much like blood doping. It is using your own blood for later transfusion. That is going to rile most fans but, if a rider’s health is to be respected then it should be allowed, surely?