The Comedown figure of 8 velodrome

The Comedown - Figure of 8 velodrome

This is probably one of the best sculptures i’ve ever scene. The Comedown by Stephen Murray is a figure of 8 velodrome! Installed in Briggait, Glasgow it’s a must see. Film below shows it being ridden. I’ve had this saved for a while now and it’s well worth a watch. I’d love to have a go! I The above photo is from Bicycle Film Festival.

Jaegher Catalogue

Jeagher Catalogue Cover Detail

The Jaegher Catalogue is different… When we recently posted two fine examples of their bikes it was easy to see the beauty in those bikes. But for us, Jaegher run a little deeper than that. At Headset Press all three of us work in the graphic design industry so we are aware of how brands works. This is where we think Jaegher is more than good and it’s great to see a quality product having a quality design ethic too. There is no reason to follow the norms either, plenty of reason to show and retain your heritage though. Especially if that heritage is still alive and at the heart of the business.

Jeagher Catalogue Cover

Jeagher Catalogue cobbles

Jeagher Catalogue Merckx

It was with great pleasure to be able to take a closer look at their printed communication. Here is there catalogue and they’ve chosen to produced it in a tabloid newspaper format, which on it’s one is a good and confident choice. But content is king and it’s full of good content and quality layout and typography. You could turn your nose up at this and dismiss it as gimmicks. What it really is, is respect for their product and history. I like a bicycle brand that is honest, happy, confident and in touch with the past to make the future. There are plenty who try but often fail. Jaeger doesn’t.

Whats more, is that the catalogue is clear and concise when it comes to the information on it’s frames and would help to supplement what they have online. So if your lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, take some time to admire the work that went into it, it’s how I imagine they feel about their frames too. Do it well, make it function and give it exquisite form.



Cafe du Cycliste Autumn winter 2014

Cafe du Cycliste

We’ve been fans of Cafe du Cycliste since they began making their superb cycling gear a few years ago. Their Autumn Winter 2014 look book is out showing their latest gear being used in fantastic surroundings. Based in Nice with some famous mountains their doorstep and fantastic weather i think they’ve got it made. Ok, there was an amazing thunderstorm when i as there, some crazy heavy rain and it gets foggy but still. Have a look at the Cafe du Cycslite website for their full range of clothing.








Hartley Cycles – London

5.Jenni's Compact Road Bike_Hartley Cycles

Caren Hartley trained as a jeweller and a silversmith who for over 10 years has been making beautiful objects from metal. Thankfully for us she started road cycling a few years ago and has gone from learning to maintain and fix bikes at the London Bike Kitchen to becoming a framebuilder and setting up Hartley Cycles. Based in South London Hartley Cycles aim is to create beautiful bespoke steel bicycles for men and women. Caren is one of only a small number of female framebuilders and has a focus on creating solutions for women and smaller riders. This bike is built for Jenni, the director of London Bike Kitchen and handbuilt from Columbus Spirit tubing. Painted in a great colour that offsets the handmade silver head badge which i think really finishes off this beautiful bike. If you noticed there’s no chain or cables, it’s being built up! The bottom right photo is a sneak preview of the latest custom build, polished stays and silver work on the down tube, looking forward to seeing that one when it’s complete!

6.Hand pierced solid silver headbadge detail_Hartley Cycles

8.BB cluster_Hartley Cycles

9.Polished Stainless Dropouts_Hartley Cycles

10.Polished Stainless Dropouts_Hartley Cycles


Kirk Frameworks – Montana Road Bike

Kirk Frameworks – Montana Road Bike

Kirk Frameworks started in 2003 after David Kirk moved to Bozeman, MT to live in the mountains and try out a change of pace. Good choice. In 1989 he was recruited by Serotta and worked there for a long time, eventually becoming head of research and development for Serotta. Now Kirk builds some of the most stunning fillet brazed steel bikes on the planet. The attention to detail is like nothing else. I suggest you check out his Facebook page for regular insights into his work.

Kirk Frameworks – Montana Road Bike 2

The aforementioned frame is called the MRB (Montana Road Bike) meant for mixed used on dirt and road with Paul’s brakes and fatty tires. Right now my perfect idea of a bike. David Kirk is in the realm of master builder and has been in the bike industry for over 30 years and won the NAHBS Best Fillet Brazed Bicycle Award twice. That green colour is amazing too…

Check out more of Kirk Frameworks on his website. www.kirkframeworks.com




Luis Ocaña – Hero

Luis Ocaña – Hero

Luis Ocaña always sticks in my mind as a great rider who was overshadowed by Eddy Merckx during his career. He had the potential to really threaten Eddy though, at least sometimes. Most famously in 1971 when he crashed out of the Tour de France in spectacular style, whilst leading the race over Merckx by many minutes.

Luis Ocaña – Hero 2

The picture of this crash is probably Ocaña’s most famous and is certainly an iconic image of the heartache of racing the Tour and being a contender, only to have it snatched from you. Maybe a reminder to the GC riders today, maybe you should look a little more pissed? He finally got his Tour de France win in 1973 and for me that is memorable as I was born that year! A year where Merckx stayed away but, I don’t think that would have stopped Ocana, at least I like to think so. He took the win in a fairly convincing manner over Bernard Thévenet.

Luis Ocaña – Hero 3

His career saw him win plenty in fine style, 110 in total! He had that class of a Tour GC rider, good at climbing and time trialling. He was at least until Miguel Indurain came along, Luis was the number one cyclist in Spain, I’m sure those that remember have a fondness for Ocana. The man who could beat Merckx was a Spaniard!

The Spanish newspaper Dicen said Ocaña was “the best time-trialist that Spanish cycling has ever had”

Sadly Luis Ocaña took his life at age 48 because of ill health and financial problems. It was many years later, after reading about his 1973 Tour win, I learnt his life had ended this way and was sad such an heroic rider should have his life cut so short. Luis Ocaña a Spanish hero.

Luis Ocaña – Hero

Canyon Speedmax – Romero Britto

Canyon Speedmax and Romero Britto


Introducing the Canyon Speedmax and Romero Britto…This Romero Britto Designed Canyon Speedmax CF 9.0 Triathlon Bike is up for grabs on Charitybuzz! This custom Canyon bike frame has been given a work over by pop artist Romero Britto and will be raced by Leanda Cave, [2012 IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship winner] at the 2014 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Then it’s yours for a charitable bid. The whole deal is pretty cool, if you have the pockets for it, if you do, you should, don’t keep that money give it to help others and get a rad bike to add to your collection? For the rest of us it’s cool to look at, some more details over here at Canyon.



Jaegher Interceptor & Ascender

Jaegher Interceptor Interceptor and Ascender sounds like a bond cars, but is in fact stunning bikes from what I want to call a heritage brand – Jaegher from Belgium. It should be noted  that Eddy Merckx was a long time customer. The Interceptor is exclusively made from Niobium steel, which is perfect for a top-of-the-line frame where lightweight, stiffness and reliability are essential. Whereas the The Ascender uses the most modern steel tubeset available : Columbus XCR. Jaegher recently built up an Intercepter and Ascender for their customers and they kindly sent over some images of each build. I’m sure you will agree, these bikes are stunning to look at, but they also look like they are meant for riding, all day and in any condition. Perfect. Both bikes are built with the new Campy Record 11 and nothing but the best, which makes sense on such bikes. I really like the JR logo, in fact I really like the overall design ethic of the brand, really classy. They also get some fine colour finishes on their frames too. I’ve put one on my list of dream bikes. Without further ado please enjoy the fine bikes of Jaegher (hopefully bring you more in the near future too).

Interceptor Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Jaegher Intercepter Midnight Black & Midnight Black

Ascender Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Untitled JobIMG_8649

Untitled JobIMG_8639

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne

Jaegher Intercepter Sky Night Blue & Champagne