Donhou has got a lot of bottle!

bottle_amend bottle_amend3 bottle_amend2

That’s right lots of them and if you either own one of his wonderful creations or not these are a great addition to anyone’s bottle collection. I refuse to call them bidons though, if I was French it would be acceptable but, I’m not so I’m sticking to bottles, sorry. They are however, very subtle [design wise] and tasteful and would suit just about any bike. Go grab some over here.


The 2014 Bissell Development Team Preview featuring British teenager Tao Geoghegan Hart. This team (formerly Bontrager and started in 2009 as Trek – Livestrong) has helped 15 riders turn professional in the past five years, including Alex Dowsett, Taylor Phinney, Ian Boswell and Joe Dombrowski. We featured an interview with Joe Dombrowski from the extremely talented Emily Maye whilst he was on the development team back in 2012. We wish Tao and the rest of the team, best of luck for 2014 and great logo. It has axes! Who wouldn’t love it?

Bespoked 2014 Gallery – Part One

We have a lot of photos to sort through before we can pick our favourite exhibitors from this years show. We will be posting our feature up in the next few days. But in the meantime, here are a few of our photos from last weekends event.

Nike BMX in Buenos Aires

Well it’s been far too long in posting some BMX. I would to say BMX monday but I won’t, wait, I just said it… To be honest Nike BMX make some of the best BMX videos on the web, at least the free promo ones at the very least. This one is the Nike BMX crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Kriss Kyle spent a week riding amazing street spots in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Watch this video to see the guys put in work! Filmed and Edited by Ryan Navazio. To see photos and the story from the trip, check out the April issue Ride UK BMX magazine (rideukbmx.com)

Guest Post: Milk Bikes Part Five

Well Milk bikes have only gone and done it! A lovely finished bike for the Bespoke show that is just about ready to kick off in it’s new venue. A big thanks to those involved for sharing with us and there might be more to come (if they have time). So here it is and what is it.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Shop Front 1

Milk Bikes Series 1 – A City Bike is Born

The idea for a step-through city bike has been rumbling around at Milk for a couple of years now. The UK Handmade Bike Show gave us a deadline and the focus we needed to get those ideas built into something physical. And here it is!

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Bars 1

It’s almost entirely UK designed and made. Something we’re super-stoked about. The overall design was ‘brained’ in Chelmsford. The metal work was fashioned in Croydon by Jon Davis at Fresh Fabrications; the wooden porter rack, belt-guard and mudguards – with built-in wiring for the rear light – were crafted in Edinburgh by Simon Muir at Woodguards; also from Edinburgh and courtesy of Rebecca J Kaye came the colours and graphics; Gary, Mark and the guys down at Argos Racing Cycles in Bristol did the colouring-in; the wheels were laced and trued in Preston by Adam and the boys at trials specialists Tarty Bikes; Mark put all the bits together at Milk Bikes HQ and then, last weekend these gorgeous images were taken by Julia Jarmulska in Chelmsford.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Front Light 1

The bike features a raft of very carefully chosen components to ensure that it rides well. And it does; like a dream! That’s probably one of the most successful aspects of the bikes, the way it handles. So stable. Fills you with confidence from the first pedal stroke. Anyway, we’re going off piste. I wanted to tell you more about the components.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Belt 2

As with all Milk Bikes, this one is driven by a Gates belt. Chains are so 19th century! Belts and hub gears make for beautifully clean and quiet bikes that just don’t need any maintaining. Three of Shimano’s finest gears are all you really need around town; a nice easy one for pushing off from the lights/going uphill, a middle one for cruising and a top gear for when you’re going downhill/are late for something. Roller brakes are consistent and reliable. The weather doesn’t affect them and they don’t need any fiddling.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Front Wheel 1

The pedals were a great find; they’re from a little company in Germany called Moto Bicycles. They look like they’ve been carved from a skateboard but there’s a lot more going on inside them. They perform so well; feels like you’ve got your foot on the ground. Mrs Milk Bikes managed to ride for the first time in heels when we did the shoot last week. Easy-peazy lemon squeezey.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Grip 1

The saddle is very impressive. The newest design from the classic saddle makers Brooks, it has made from vulcanised rubber and cotton canvas. The best features are that it is waterproof and comfy from the start; no breaking in required here. Brooks are responsible for the grips too.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Rack 2

The lights are powered by the front hub. No batteries to go flat half way home, or remember to charge when you get to the office. Internally routed cabling helps keep the bike looking clean and neat, and means that the lights are less vulnerable to theft.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Rear Light 1

So that’s the Milk Bikes Series 1 prototype for you. What do you think?  The Series will consist of just 12 of these bikes. That’s all we’re going to make and we don’t plan to repeat a design again. Each bike in the Series will be unique. For example we’re going to name each one, and for Series 1 they will all be named after islands from around the UK, predominantly Scottish islands. There will be 4 colour-ways available, and Rebecca has taken inspiration for these from old maps and also from the geography of the various islands. This prototype is named after the Isle of Barra and the colours represent the sea and amazing beaches found there.

Come down to the UK Handmade Bike Show to see it for yourself.

Cedric Gracia Lost in Taiwan – by Lezyne

This is so cool to see. I lived in Taiwan for two years and I know what is lurking behind the cities. It’s often misunderstood that Taiwan is just a factory island but, 70% of the island is mountains, there is heaps to explore for both off-roaders and on roaders. So it is great to see one of the greats of downhill and four-cross enjoying, trade shows, chicken feet and 12-kilometer downhill rides that are all part of the vibrant Taiwan. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this journey as it unfolds in front of you. Oh and I’m moving back too! Doubt if I will be riding like Cedric though, maybe in my dreams. Visit the Lyzene Facebook page for more about Cedric Gracia’s trip and more exclusive content and stories from the wild man himself.

Guest Post: Milk Bikes Part Four

We are very close to the Handbuilt Show and Milk are almost ready, well kind of! Really chuffed they’ve found time to share the build of this with us and great to see something close to a finished bike. So without delay here is the fourth instalment.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 4

Milk Bikes Series 1 – The Build

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 5
Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 1

The last week has been emotional. It always is when there’s an impending deadline that’s this important. We needed to get the Series 1 prototype built before the photo shoot in Chelmsford at the weekend.

The colours and graphics that Rebecca J Kaye put together for this project are beautiful and bold, and seeing them in paint on the frame for the first time was scary, but so exciting. Finally seeing and being able to pick up and feel the weight of something that has always been an A4 printout or another hand-drawn sketch is a fantastic feeling.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 2
That feeling didn’t last too long as the frameset was just the starting point; the skeleton of this project, and something to attach all the other bits to.

In the end it took three good days of spanners, Allen keys, drills, sweat, polishing, coffee, swearing, cutting, hoovering thread (a bit more swearing), head-scratching and, finally, tears of joy (figuratively speaking – I didn’t actually cry, close though). There were a few close calls with a couple of key bits arriving just on time; the Royal Mail Special Delivery guy did his thing on Saturday and the bike was at least ride-worthy (ish) by the time we needed to take some snaps.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 3

It was great to see the bike come to life as each component was fitted. It didn’t all go to plan though, these things never do. There were some parts that didn’t fit. At times it felt like there were more bits going back into boxes than going on the bike! But then the next milestone was reached, the bike looked good and the mood improved. One such milestone that really stands out for me was fitting the porter rack with the polished milk bottle brackets. Oh, and the little stainless bullets that hold the wooden belt-guard on, that was a good one too. Jon from Fresh Fabrications did an awesome job with those; they work really well the walnut belt-guard by Simon at Woodguards.

Milk Bikes - Series 1 - Build 6

Sunday morning was pretty good. The bike was finally together. Crucially, the rain stopped when we needed and we managed to find some great spots to take photos. A few people stopped to have a look at the bike when we were shooting in the middle of town. There was a lot of love for it which is cool; it means that we’re not totally nuts and may well have done a good job with this bike, our first Milk Bikes Series bike. If you can, come down to the Bespoked Handmade Show and let us know what you think.

The first Welsh Cycle Show 2014

It was with great pleasure that we were able to attend the first Welsh Cycle Show, we can see a great future for it too, one of those reasons is actually the venue and it would be easy to expand on that in the future. This first year was a small but, a great and varied showing of some of the best brands in cycling. I won’t list all the names or rant about individual products here but, just show you our photographical take on what we saw; from bikes to buggies, caps to books and a whole lot more. We wish the show a successful future and really hope to see it expand from this great start.