Svelte Cycles – Heritage Jersey on Kickstarter

We recently met the lovely people at Svelte Cycles whilst attending Spin 2015. Our eyes were drawn to their fantastic arm warmers, which we have featured in our Spin London 2015 gallery. Svelte are now looking to release their ‘Heritage Jersey’, a high quality, minimalist jersey with an affordable price tag.

The fabric for the Heritage Jersey is sourced entirely from Europe and manufactured in the East End of London. Minimalism was key when designing the Heritage Jersey and the branding is very subtle, with a small embroidered logo on the hip and a classy brass button key pocket. They have reinforced the seams around the shoulders, enlarged the width of the silicone gripper around the hem, and finessed the size and location of the pockets, to ensure ease of use, day after day.

For more information about the Heritage Jersey and to help Svelte make this a reality, take a look at the project on Kickstarter.





Spotlight on Jered Gruber by Exposure

jered gruber exposure

Jered Gruber is one of those cycling photographers that when i first saw a few of his photos made me want to put the camera down. I’d never make a photograph like a Gruber. The occasion of the bike race in his photos seems so dramatic and the landscapes so breathtaking you’d think it staged. They are not, bike racing is just like that and the locations just perfect but not everyone captures it the way Jered Gruber does.

Having only recently come across Exposure.co, the online platform for creating stories from your photos, we didn’t know Jered Gruber had been sharing his work on there. Exposure even created a storybook on him for us all to enjoy. Head over to Exposure to read it. You can also take a look at Gruber Images on Exposure too.

jered gruber exposure 2

jered gruber exposure 3

New TiC caps launched

One of our fave cycling cap makers, TiC has just launched some new ones. I can vouch for the Blood, Sweat and Gear cap, you can see our review here. Not only have they launched new caps but have some very nice looking socks about to come out too.

Panache plume (£24.50)


In cycling terms if someone rides with panache they demonstrate the courage to attack, usually against the odds of success. Historically a panache was a plume of feathers placed on a headdress. During Medieval times knights would wear a plume in their helmets to enable recognition during battle. King Henry IV of France was famed for wearing a white plume in his helmet and for his war cry: “Ralliez-vous ā mon panache blanc!” (follow my white plume).

TiC caps

This cap has a specially designed tic plume graphic on the side and under peak. ‘Confortare’ (Latin for: courage/ be strong) is printed on the upper peak. The cap is available in four highlight fabrics. As you would expect all materials used are of the highest quality and the cap is handmade and designed by us in Cambridge. This cap is designed to fit under a helmet.

2015 Blood, sweat & gears range (£23)

TiC caps


The new range has had a minor tweak to the shape to make the already comfortable cap fit even better. The new revised design comes in a range of new colour combinations and of course we have kept the true favourites that have been so popular since the original launch. It is fair to say that already the Blood, sweat and gears cycling cap is establishing itself as a future classic.

Performance sock range (launching around end of May)


We are also pleased to announce that we will soon be adding a range of super technical, super stylish cycling socks to the tic product range. The socks are made from Meryl Skinlife® which is a high performance yarn. The tic socks are designed with a 15cm cuff, making them an essential piece of kit for those people wanting a performance sock with peloton style. More details will follow over the next few weeks.

Head over to TiC to get more details.

Donkey Label Collab Jersey


It is with great pleasure that we announce the Headset Press Artist Collab Jersey collection for Q2 2015 with Donkey Label. Based on a hand drawn style, a departure from the clean and fresh designs which are awesome but, hopefully this is something a little different. Something more hobo-ish, a bit of that maverick spirit, I believe cyclists have.


The process was fun and involved hand drawing hundreds of crosses and redrawing the DL logo before vectorising them and working on the final jersey design. Finished off with a green accented sleeve and inside collar, earthy tones to set off the look. Perfect for any terrain anytime! Something to note about Donkey Label, incase you don’t already know, they make all their gear in the USA and all the cycling apparel is hand made. We reviewed a DL jersey a while back and it’s still going strong after a lot of use. Quality stuff here.

Donkey Label Collab Jersey

The jersey is on pre-order until 1st June and you can take a look and purchase here. There is also a tool roll that matches the design, so even if the jersey is out of your price range, you might consider the rather fetching tool roll.

All photographs © nateryan.com

donkey label collab jersey


Donkey Label Collab Jersey


cross1 20.38.34

100copies Design #27 – Ride On, Nepal


100copies Fundraising Design #27 – Ride On, Nepal is a poster to raise donations for the relief effort in Nepal. The recent earthquake in Nepal affected everyone. Lives were lost. Homes were destroyed. Hopes were shattered. People were devastated. 100copies latest “Ride On, Nepal” print will be giving all the proceeds to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief humanitarian efforts in Nepal. The poster itself is stunning, and given it’s cause it’s beautiful. I can’t think of a good reason not to get one. There is nothing better in humanity than exchanging art for a worthy cause. Happily the poster sold out and raised $6000 awesome work 100copies!


Ride On, Nepal Sub 2

Ride On, Nepal Sub 3

Ride On, Nepal Sub 1

Giro d’Italia 2015 Stage 1

The Giro d’Italia 2015 kicked off with Stage 1 yesterday, with a crazy ITT (individual time trial). Part of the 17.6 km ITT was on a bicycle path, which might be fitting but, a whole team hooning it full-gas down is hairy! Orica Green Edge’s on board camera caught the best view of the race, with Esteban Chaves holding the last man in fine style and gifting us the video. He didn’t spend much time on those tri-bars! It puts Orica Green Edge’s Captain, Simon Gerrans in Pink, we will see how long he can hold on to it. As with Grand Tours we can expect some great cycling and, we will try to find some cool stuff on the Giro from afar.

Isadore Apparel – Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection


Isadore Apparel have released three new jersey’s as part of their Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection.

The Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection is inspired by the mythical climbs of Mount Fuji (Japan), Mount Haleakala (Hawaii) and Col de la Bonette (France). All major climbs of which Isadore Apparel founder and pro rider Martin Velits (Etixx-Quick Step) and his brother Peter Velits (Team BMC) are closely connected.

The collection consists of three designs in ultra lightweight Merino bi-component material with lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels. The lightweight jersey’s are designed to take advantage of hot summer riding and climbing.

Designed to take advantage of the characteristic look and feel of Merino wool fibers its fabric texture and construction is specifically designed to reduce overheating even in the hottest climates.

Soon we will be able to bring you more information these jerseys and the Col de la Bonette in particular. In the meantime, the Climber’s Jersey “Mount Haleakala”, “Mount Fuji” and “Col de la Bonette” are available today and retail at 130 EUROS each from www.isadoreapparel.com





Jobst Brandt 1935 – 2015

Jobst Brandt

Jobst Brandt was a legendary figure, the above image is one of my favourite iconic cycling images and has long captivated my imagination. That man in the image, Jobst is more of a rider than I will ever be and probably most people I know. I will direct you to Ray Hosler who was a personal friend, his words are the best you will read. Farewell to a legend of cycling.

alpe d’huez cycling’s greatest climb

alpe-d'huez-cycling's-greatest-climb-peter-cossins book cover

Peter Cossins, author of The Monuments which documented the history of the Classics, has a new book coming out called Alpe d’Huez: Cycling’s Greatest Climb. In it he explores the rise of Alpe d’Huez from a ski resort to one of most iconic climbs in professional cycling. Sounds interesting and will be out in the shops soon. Great cover!

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved

brooks cambium c15 carved

Brooks England have just launched the Cambium C15 Carved edition to their growing line of Brooks Cambium saddles. Made from vulcanised natural rubber with an organic cotton top these saddles are like nothing else out there. I much prefer the C15 shape to the C17, it’s sleeker and slimmer and designed for racing cycles. The C15 is shaped more like my favourite B15 Swallow but has the cut out to ease pressure. I have a B15 Imperial which has the same cutout and find it brilliant. Made in Italy and available in two colours.



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