Jeremiah’s Ti Road Caletti


This Caletti bike was recently brought to our attention by photographer, Peter Thomson. I believe it has already been posted on the ever popular Radavist. Just in case you missed that or want to see a few more pics we have it here too. The frame was built with a mixture of Ti tubes. I asked john Caletti to elaborate on this and he told us;

“…mostly from Dedacciai with oversized butted top and down tubes, the down tube being a bi-ovalized shape. The chainstays are oversized, tapered and mate to compact and lightweight Paragon dropouts. Dedacciai light seatstays that I custom S bend. 

The paint work by Spectrum Powderworks reflects Jeremiah Kille’s work as an artist, geometric patterns and colours suggesting sea, sun and sand. Looks like a fast race car to me and I love that. Race bikes should look fast. The build is slick, based around Shimano DA and Industry Nine wheels (nice choice). It’s always a pleasure to show bikes like this.













Steve Hed an aero genius – Hero


There must be many a pro and amateur out there that Steve Hed made that bit faster through his products and research. It’s a great loss. I recently drew a picture of the iconic HED3 tri-spoke wheel, I never intended for it to pay tribute to the mans life but here we are. Headset Press are saddened and offer our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. We hope his legacy long continues and that pros and amateurs alike continue to be that bit faster because of Steve.

Victory Chimp Cycling Prints


These two prints are by Victory Chimp. On the left is John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of the modern bicycle tyre and owner of a magnificent beard. The famous El Diablo is on the right. Didi ‘The Devil’ Senft aka El Diablo is known for running and jumping around in his devil costume equipped with a trident as the peloton passed by. Brilliant illustrations. There is a limited number of 50, if you want one head to the Victory Chimp shopRyan, the creator of Victory Chimp is a bike-riding designer and illustrator based in Northern Ireland. He has quite a few other prints which are really worth a look. Can’t wait to see what he produces over the next year.







Portugal was a cruel mistress

It was at the point I lost all feeling in my fingers and feet that I questioned my own sanity for agreeing to take part in a five-day, 360-mile charity ride across the hilliest bits of Portugal.

Fortunately, organiser Simon Ekless had anticipated such low points amongst his team of 30 riders and had suggested we all carry a picture of one of the children we were raising money for. I thrust my numb digits into my rear pocket looking to be inspired, but all I found was a damp clump of photographic paper rendered into gristle by the rain that had been bucketing down upon us since leaving Lisbon three days earlier.

We’d arrived in the town of Manteigas in wet, shivering dribs and drabs after a hyperthermic descent through the rain from the highest road in Portugal. It was early September, and few of us had thought to pack our thermals. One of our number had improvised with EIGHT layers of jerseys and jackets, but the rest of us had largely made do with just the bare minimum of waterproof plus kneewarmers and overshoes. We arrived at the café trembling, pale and probably wondering what on earth we were doing at the bottom of a remote valley in the middle of Portugal miles away from our loved ones and central heating.

Fortunately, support vehicle driver Andy Boffin was on hand to encourage us, not just with the offer of cups of coffee from the café we had taken refuge in, but with a story that warmed our hearts as much as the coffee was warming other bodily parts. His son, Charlie, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, had been a student at the PACE Centre in Ayelsbury, which was the charity we were doing this ride for.

By the time we’d heard Andy’s story, about how wheelchair-bound Charlie had humbled a carriageful of commuters on the Tube by repeating his favourite word “Hello” louder and louder until he finally received a greeting in return, or how his mum described herself as Charlie’s “personal assistant” rather than full-time carer, we were all set to climb back on our bikes and rip up the next 50 miles as if it was a baking hot sun rather than a relentless deluge pounding the cobbled square outside.

Sometimes you find inspiration in the unlikeliest places.
For more information about the PACE Centre and its 2015 Charity Rides to Andalucia and Transylvania, visit: www.thepacecentre.org

Words by Trevor Ward (@willwrite4cake) and photography by Matthew Stone (www.stoneshoots.com)


Jaegher Bikes – fresh builds


Jaegher bikes just sent us news of two new builds to leave the workshop in Ruiselede, Belgium. We had to share with you. Testament to them, they are turning out gorgeous bicycles and these two are creme da la creme, which is standard for them. High Standards. You might think the output is high? But this is what they say about the bicycles they produce to the quality they do;

“Just like the best fashion designers don’t do ready-to-wear, Luc and Diel are not tempted by mass production. Every single frame corresponds to the exact needs of its owner. In our workshop, the client is meticulously measured. It can take up to an hour to do this exactly right. Every tube of the frame is then cut and mitered exactly according to those measures. There is no such thing as ‘kind of right’.  

A Jaegher bicycle is pure craftsmanship. Every frame is welded or brazed in our workshop in Ruiselede, Belgium. Only highly specialised welders can handle this kind of ultra-light, thin-walled tubes. Diel Vaneenooghe takes very special care of the TIG welded frames (Ascender and Interceptor). His father Luc brazes the frames with lugs (Raptor Pistier and Phantom). Their experience in precision steel manufacturing is passed on from generation to generation.” 

The two builds are, an Interceptor and an Ascender check out the details on their site.

Orange & Grey Interceptor – Bespoke build.

Jaegher Bikes – Interceptor – Bespoke build
Jaegher Bikes – Interceptor – Bespoke build

Jaegher Bikes – Interceptor – Bespoke build

Grey & Black Ascender.

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Jaegher Bikes – Ascender

Chapeau launches new coffee range


Makers of some very nice cycling gear Chapeau! impressed us earlier this year when we saw their summer collection. We really like what they’ve been doing and now Chapeau! have launched a new coffee range. Crank, Watts, Fixed are three blends created with the help of their neighbours RoastWorks Coffee Co. Crank is an all rounder, Watts has a bit of a kick to get you going before a ride and Fixed is for the connoisseur. We have some on the way to try so will let you know what we think. It’s available on the Chapeau! site for £5.50 a bag and buying four bags will get you a free Tiamo Drip Filter.

Hill Climb Girl – Japanese Anime

Hill Climb Girl 1

On the slight off chance you haven’t seen Hill Climb Girl… This rather cool and sweet Japanese Anime has been doing the rounds on the usual sites over the week and it’s easy to see why. Looking a little deeper into the Anime scene reveals a growing trend in cycling anime in Japan and we have been following it for some time. What is great to see here, as always the case, is the attention to detail, namely the key-fob! By none other than the talented Rich Mitch. It’s nice to know he was consulted on this and shown the respect an artist deserves.

Hill Climb Girl 2

The story of Hill Climb girl is; Hinako, a high school girl, loves to ride a bicycle, who respects a professional road racer. Every morning she competes with a boy of her classmate to the way to their school on the hill, riding her mama chari bicycle, but she loses the game every time. Frustrated Hinako gets a chance for winning the game from the video of her favourite cycle racer and is ready for the game next morning…

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.28.40

If you are a general fan of Anime as well as cycling it’s a really good effort, the amount of work that went into the production of the Pinarello alone is simply stunning, more on the anime’s official site. But then it’s from Watanabe Wataru who has produced a lot of cycling anime already. The amount of fan sites out there for this kind of Anime /Manga is incredible and amongst many this is a nice one.

Hill Climb Girl 6
Hill Climb Girl 4
Hill Climb Girl 5

In case you missed a great post we did last last year, a cycling anime book to collect is, Bicycle Life with Kawaii girls. Admittedly it’s a bit strange, like the anime, slightly sexualising women (the book more so than the animation). For some part it lies in the cultural differences but, also in a naivety and I honestly think for the most part it’s tries to respect. I honestly enjoy the animation side of it and am a huge fan of Manga/Anime.

Laurie King Bicycle Prints

Laurie King Bicycle Prints

These Laurie King bicycle prints are so nice. We love cycling art, illustration and design here at The Headset Press and these are most definitely up there with our faves.

British illustrator, printmaker, cyclist, runner, Dad and all-round good guy, Laurie King’s new limited edition original print, Weekend Warrior (above) is now available to order for Christmas delivery. Weekend Warrior is perfect for all those cyclists who like to get out on their bikes for fun in their free time. Each edition is painstakingly printed by hand so that every one has its own unique quirks.

As a little Christmas bonus, orders received by 1st December 2014 will be delivered with a free set of Laurie King greetings cards.

Prints will be delivered in plenty of time to be wrapped for Christmas. To order visit www.laurieking.co

Laurie King Bicycle Prints sofa

If Laurie’s work looks familiar it could well be that you’ve seen his fabulous hand-painted sofa cushioning the behinds of the great and the good of cycling on The Cycle Show.Laurie has also contributed work to The Ride Journal and worked with small active clothing company, Howies.

If prints are not your thing or within your budget there are some other nice offerings including buff and water bottles that have Laurie’s work on too. Really liking the water bottle.


Laurie King Bicycle Prints 6

Laurie King Bicycle Prints 5