Tour de Skandinavia – Rad Race x Aurora

This Tour de Skandinavia looks like it’s going to produce some nice imagery and hats off too how well designed it looks. Skills. The tour itself looks hardcore too. The people at Aurora have this to say; We will ride from Hamburg to Oslo in 9 days and sleep in our tents between every stage. Our crew consists of sixteen people and thirteen of them will ride the approx. 1200km on their road bike or track bike. The rest of our crew will follow in our tour van and take care of us and the equipment. We will also try to document the tour as good as possible with our cameras and hope to get back with some nice visuals for you. Good luck and looking forward to seeing more on this. Make sure you head over to Aurora as their website is full of nice stuff.

Canyon Future-bike – PROJECT MRSC Connected

Canyon Future-bike side shot

The Canyon future-bike is a working concept that goes by the name PROJECT MRSC Connected. This bike caused a lot of interest at Eurobike this year. Generally when companies produce concepts they’re not nearly as polished as this one. We believe this is a rideable bike, although I’m not sure if the concept features are functional yet (or ever?). It wasn’t the only one future-bike on show at Eurobike either. Generally speaking I think most of us have a curious glance at these concept future bikes, it’s bit like hover cars or something, just a bit too whacky and too challenging to the current aesthetic of bicycle design. But, without this push the industry has nowhere to look to in the distant future, it’s the same for all consumer manufacturing really – if not all manufacturing with some being naturally more advanced.

Canyon Future-bike detail shot

So what is PROJECT MRSC Connected? According to the Canyon page it’s a road bike with active suspension and it’s the way that works that is pretty cool, MR (magneto-rheological) is a novel way of producing this suspension. MR is metal particles suspended in a fluid, which then become polarised when subjected to a magnetic field. The effect changes the viscosity of the fluid, rendering it solid and the pivot fixed. This all controlled by a computers and electronics and giving [almost] instant road feed-back. This technology is currently used in very modern car suspension, the video here explains how it works in cars which is much how Canyon’s would work.

Canyon Future-bike infographic

Other tech that Canyon have looked to is also inspired by cars. A cockpit computer giving feedback on the condition of the bike and telling you when and what needs doing. Built in GPS and so on, like a car in 2014 offers you really. It’s great to see this kind of thought going on in the industry and I think the active suspension via MR is likely to have a possible future in bicycles. Maybe more so on mountain bikes? Who knows. Overall we just like looking at these dream future bikes. Dream on!


The Raising the Handlebars collection from Ted Baker features shirts, trousers, jackets, blazers designed as dress for the destination clothing. It will work when riding a bike then be just like a regular piece of clothing the rest of the time. This is done by using fabrics that stretch, details like reflective cuffs, ventilation eyelets and antibacterial finishes. All of that would mean nothing if it didn’t look good but thankfully the Raising the Handlebars collection looks great. The chain and cog patterns are fun. Sometimes is nice to look smart riding your best bike about the town. Visit Ted Baker for the full details.

Ted Baker Raising the Handlebars 4

Ted Baker Raising the Handlebars 2



Tom Ritchey – The Ride: A true legend

I remember seeing a magazine feature on Tom Ritchey years ago and it showed his workshop, he spoke of his rides then, it’s really nice to see it come to life a bit more, that story, the ride, the legend and his philosophy on bikes. That workshop looks like heaven and to spend your days tinkering, building, designing in it – Priceless. Even though I [Steve and his recovering back injury] ride much less these days I still understand how the ride can help form ideas. I think it’s something to do with the flow and rhythm, especially if you’re familiar with the route and it’s a peaceful place. What Tom has done with his products, designs, company is awe inspiring and I don’t think there is one of us out there who wouldn’t mind a bit of his lifestyle – out there in California. Wouldn’t even say no to that moustache either…

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 1

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 5

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 6

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 4

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 3

Tom Ritchey – The Ride 2

The Sufferfest: The Rookie

The Sufferfest are launching a new video in September called The Rookie. The training video has been produced in collaboration with Team Giant Shimano and it features footage from the Tour of California and Tour de Suisse. The Sufferfest videos are a great training aid while on a turbo. They help provide a mix of fun and the pure cycling agony that seems addictive to everyone who rides. The workout has been designed by Neal Henderson and consists of 60 minutes with 3 lots of 10 minute intervals. If you’ve not heard of the Sufferfest before we recommend taking a look at their videos and training plans especially with winter not far away. They have helped keep us interested in getting on a turbo when we’ve not fancied another bashing in the winter weather.

Giro Empire VR90 and Republic LX

giro empire VR90

The Giro Empire VR90 is the type of cycling shoe that i think has a great balance of performance of being usable for any type of cycling any time of the year. A Vibram rubber tread means no slipping on wet ground and the carbon outsole gives it stiffness for good pedalling performance. SPD compatibility is great and I love the look too, orange lacing and a black synthetic upper look great. Visit their site for the full details on the Giro Empire VR90.

giro republic lx

The next shoe from Giro is the Republic LX. A leather version of the classic looking Republic. I think i’d need to wear a suit to wear these. More photos should be arriving on the Giro site soon.

Condor Since 1948 Kit

The Condor Since 1948 kit is inspired by their archives with a classic design and fit created for training and everyday riding. The jersey is breathable and wicks sweat away as you’d expect. The bibs have the Condor logo on the leg as it was on the team kits in the 1950s and 60s and the fabric has more elastane to give a supportive feel. The jersey and bibs are reasonably priced and there’s a nice cap and Since 1948 woven patch available too. The Condor Since 1948 patch celebrates the 65 years of Condor and features the headbadge that has been used on Condor bikes since 1948.

Condor Since 1948 kit 2

Vuelta T-Shirt from iL Soigneur

iL Soigneur Vuelta T-Shirt 1

iL Soigneur Vuelta T-Shirt 2

The Vuelta starts this Saturday and iL Soigneur have released this excellent t-shirt to celebrate the great race. The t-shirt was designed by Richard at Studio Lobster and printed locally in Bristol by Victory Print Shop. The t-shirt is available now in a range of sizes for only £17.50.

After a rather unlucky Tour de France for most of the GC contenders, we have been blessed with some big names for the Vuelta a España and we’re hoping for an entertaining race. Contador, Froome, Quintana and Rodriguez, let the attacks begin!

The Carbon Genesis Zero 2015

GENESIS Bikes 2015-ZERO-The-Headset-Press

Genesis Bikes are known for their steel frames from mountain bikes, adventure bikes and road bikes so to hear they have developed a carbon road bike was a surprise. Especially as their pro racing bike, the Volare Team built with Reynolds 953 is probably the only steel frame you’ll see being raced by a top team. The Carbon Genesis Zero maybe their first carbon frame but it has been developed the Genesis way taking 18 months of development and they are proud of what they have created. In fact a Genesis Zero comes with a lifetime warranty. Just like the rest of their range these bikes are built to last.

The Zero doesn’t replace the 953 Volare but offers riders a choice depending of the race and terrain. With a frame weight below 1kg and a design to allow comfort the Genesis Zero is built for long stage races. Most importantly is that the Zero has been designed to be aerodynamic and with a close gap between the fork crown and downtube airflow is improved and turbulent airflow minimised.

The Team version is available for £4499.99 and the range starts from £1299.99. Our pick if we could would be the Ultrgra equipped Zero 4 for £1999.99. Framesets will be available on their own in the future. See the launch film and full details on Genesis Bikes.






Sean McGowen is a Bristol based photographer who has just released his second photo zine Two Wheels Good, views from the saddle. With the aim of keeping it simple he armed himself with a disposable camera and a bike he headed off on the road to photograph anything that caught his attention. The A5 photo zine is a 44 page product of those adventurings in what us at The Headset Press call our neck of the woods, on roads we ride and enjoy throughout the year. Two Wheels Good is on sale now for £5 from SMC Photography. If you want to see more of Sean’s work have a look at his portfolio, especially Cheddar or Bust. Order Two Wheels Good from the SMC shop.