BMX shred in abandoned Silverdome

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 16.25.28

Tyler Fernengel BMX shred through the abandoned Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, USA, is the coolest BMX video I’ve seen in sometime (over 200k views think so too). Abandoned places are interesting enough but, watching someone ride a BMX through it is even better! Setting up those runs and thinking of the lines to take must have been ace in such a vast space of ruin. The camera work and grading are really nice too and I could have easily watched more. The whole story is over on the Redbull site.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 16.24.55

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abandoned Silverdome

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Bradley Wiggins takes the UCI hour record


A hugely impressive Bradley Wiggins takes the UCI hour record in what we can only call, Wiggo style. Watching the UCI youtube stream it was obvious from the start he was fast and going to take the record (I don’t think anyone doubted that). The question was by how much. We were thinking around the 55km mark and he got bloody close with 54.526km, which took 221 laps to achieve. His form was near-on impeccable, only a slight line deviation and a tilt of the head here and there. I’m pretty sure most of us wish we could ride anywhere near that smooth under that much exertion.


Like Chris Boardman, this is his swansong and I’m glad it’s worked out so well for him. The questions we are thinking are, will anyone else have a go now?, is this anywhere near the limit of what is possible, can this record be smashed again? The answer is most likely yes. When and who is unknown for now. It has to be said, that Bradley Wiggind is without a doubt the most talented rider the UK has ever had. Even without the hour record, he could take this title but, it is now firmly cemented in place with this record.


It’s not entirely about the palmares either, there is more to it than that, it’s his personality and why it’s endearing to us. Something Chris Froome can’t match, and should not try to and Froome may well win the Tour again. Boardman for all his intelligence does not have the charisma of Wiggins. Sometimes it’s a bit prickly but it’s more heart-warming than Cavendish’s – somehow. When we look further back to the older generation of Brit riders, maybe Tommy Simpson is close but his fateful and tragic demise on Ventoux made him legendary for the wrong reasons. Wiggo doesn’t have these ghosts. His credibility is intact.

Headset Press will miss his big presence in the pro-tour races, we really hope and wish to see him in the next chapter of his cycling career. One thing I really noticed was when he got off the bike and was walking along the apron. He was walking toward the temporary media booth set-up to interview him, he took a glance at his road bike and started that cocky lad walk. It wasn’t the swagger I liked, it was the way he looked at his bicycle. The lad is a true bike lover.

Bradley Wiggins takes the UCI hour record

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record and Rapha Kit

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record Photography by Angus Sung.

Bradley Wiggins Hour Record, it’s nearly time! This Sunday 7th June Bradley Wiggins will attempt the Hour Record in London. To say we are excited is a pretty big understatement. The Hour Record is the purest and hardest test in cycling. There is nothing more simple and nothing as hard.

As sponsor of Sky and Team Wiggins Rapha are of course involved and have setup the #myhour pledge. Pledge to ride for an hour this week, share your story on social media with the hashtag #myhour and you could win a pair of tickets to go and watch the man himself take on the mighty feat of the Hour Record. Sign up here to pledge your hour.

Rapha have also released a Team Wiggins Jersey, bibs, matching cap, socks and t-shirts. The jersey looks good to me and I’m quite tempted to add the cap to my collection. Here’s the Team Wiggins kit.

Best of luck to Wiggins, I really hope he smashes it. We loved watching another of our heroes Alex Dowsett beating the Hour Record with 52.937km, now it’s time for Wiggo who according to one interview is attempting to add 2km onto that! Here’s to Sunday at 6pm for the Bradley Wiggins Hour Record.

rapha team wiggins cap

rapha team wiggins jersey

Fat Bike Pump – Portland Design Works

Introducing The Fat Stevens™ Fat Bike Pump. Question is, are you fat? If so you need to get on this amazing kickstarter and get yourself this pump. Portland Design Works have been developing and refining this pump for over a year now to be the best portable pump for fat bikes. Rather than just release said product, they’ve gone the Kickstarter route, which affords you a good price and sense of crowdfunding satisfaction.

Fat bike pump

This is a very specific product and is really meant for a big ole’ tyre. The barrel has a 39mm diameter and is even larger than most floor pump barrels. This means it’s able to inflate a fat bike tire in half the strokes it takes with a standard mountain bike mini pump. The prototype barrel is painted black but, in production it will be anodized black with laser graphics – sounds ace. Just need a fat bike now…


Head on over to Portland Design Works Kickstarter page and get one fast.

Myth, legend or you? The JP Strava tshirt

HSP_Tee-JP Strava

Who is JP? The JP strava conspiracy started in 2013 when a mystery rider with a profile photo of Lance Armstrong went out and busted a few King of the Mountains in England and beat some pros. Since then they’ve beaten climbs from last years Yorkshire stage of the Tour de France.

The latest feat was to top the charts up the Tabayesco climb on the Canary island in March. Rumours have persisted it’s Lance Armstrong, some say it’s the Stig, others think it’s the quiet moody lad from their local club. Whomever it is we think it’s fun to speculate who the secret king of the mountain smasher could be. Are they a digital myth cooked up by hacking some gps data or perhaps it’s you? That’s why for a bit of fun we thought we’d make a t-shirt to let everyone know just who JP is once and for all.

Going on pre-order now and if we get enough interest they will go to our printers. Email dan@headsetpress.co.uk to order one.

Head to cycling weekly for full details on the JP exploits.

PEdAL ED release the Wiki Base Layer


PEdAL ED have released the Wiki Baselayer, a highly functional garment that is designed like a casual basic t-shirt but offering technical innovations for multi-­day touring or mountain bike riding.

This lightweight and breathable garment is made from Dryarn® that is a high ­performance fibre. An innovative yarn designed for garments that aim to be Lightweight, insulating and breathable. Designed to draw moisture away from body whilst keeping you warm and dry. The added antimicrobial finish reduces odour for multi day touring. The mesh underarms and side panels provide excellent ventilation, as do the front and back logos, made also out of mesh for ventilation.

The Wiki Baselayer is available in natural and asphalt colorways and can be used as a baselayer on colder days. Available from pedaled.com for €45.


PEDAL-ED-Wiki-Base-Layer-White-01 PEDAL-ED-Wiki-Base-Layer-Asphalt-01

Before the Gun: Jacob Duehring

Jacob Duehring features in this great motivation video that got me pumped, like when Rocky climbed those stairs and punched the sky (the one where he is old). It’s about Rigorous training, long flights and track racing. I think Felt are doing good things with these Video series, a good use of their marketing budget and very inspiring. Well worth checking out some of the other videos Felt has on their Vimeo. They range from chucking fat bikes around in the snow to Jacob Duehring training to race his first six day in Berlin.

Jacob Duehring

Jacob Duehring

Jacob Duehring_1

DSC Forks – The deadly Sin Collection

DSC Forks

DSC Forks

DSC Forks – The deadly Sin Collection, this one slipped under my highly tuned cool radar, which is now in for a re-fit. DSC is painting this collection on Columbus forks, using variants of their Fel and Tusk. One set will be released every week until done. Seven sins, seven pieces in total. There has only ever been one DSC fork released for retail, which dropped several years ago. So if your pockets are deep enough got to the DSC shop and snap them up, all forks are available for pre-order. If you pre-order, your fork will be personalised. Have to say, regardless of price, these look amazing and on the right bike…

Pictured fork is, Sin 01: Greed
Columbus Carbon Tusk Straight 1/18
Gold and Hatton Wall diamond metal flake, cocaine white and platinum

Svelte Cycles – Heritage Jersey on Kickstarter

We recently met the lovely people at Svelte Cycles whilst attending Spin 2015. Our eyes were drawn to their fantastic arm warmers, which we have featured in our Spin London 2015 gallery. Svelte are now looking to release their ‘Heritage Jersey’, a high quality, minimalist jersey with an affordable price tag.

The fabric for the Heritage Jersey is sourced entirely from Europe and manufactured in the East End of London. Minimalism was key when designing the Heritage Jersey and the branding is very subtle, with a small embroidered logo on the hip and a classy brass button key pocket. They have reinforced the seams around the shoulders, enlarged the width of the silicone gripper around the hem, and finessed the size and location of the pockets, to ensure ease of use, day after day.

For more information about the Heritage Jersey and to help Svelte make this a reality, take a look at the project on Kickstarter.







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