The Beryl Burton Story – Hero

Beryl Burton is probably one of the most unsung stars of cycling. I’m not making a differentiation between women’s and men’s cycling here either. In case that’s in doubt, she set a women’s record for the 12-hour time-trial which exceeded the men’s record for two years. Enough said. Whilst there is nothing new in this story it should be heard more and often. If you have an interest in cycling history this is a little chapter you need to know.

Beryl Burton: Racing

Beryl Burton: TT champ

That record she set, a new 12-hour time trial, was 277.25 miles. The story goes, that she caught up with Mike McNamara who was on his way to setting the men’s record at 276.52 miles, she then offered him liquorice allsort as she passed. Apparently, McNamara ate the sweet. I know I would take that sweet too. The list of records the Beryl achieved is incredible from domestic to world titles, road to time trial and on the track. What is more she was an average person, I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. She didn’t have any airs or graces, lived a modest life as a mother and wife. That is so removed from today’s attitude but, the performances are capable of standing good today. I remember hearing the news that she passed away on her bike at the your age of 59. She surely deserves more, at least to be better recognised as precursor to helping equalise the man women divide in sport. If you want to know more there is a great documentary available from Bromley Video.

Beryl Burton: winning

I will be putting a few more of these out over the coming months you can find them by searching for heroes.

Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez

Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez

The Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez is limited to 74 frames worldwide and is available to order for one month only. Mark DiNucci was one of Specialized’s original frame builders when the company started 40 years ago. To celebrate Mark has built a new Allez frame from Reynolds 853. All frames are being built in the factory that where the first Stumpjumper was built. An interesting piece of history from one of the biggest bike companies in the world.

Included with every Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez will be a limited edition Merino wool sweater, winter and summer cycling caps, limited edition leather S-Works Toupe saddle, matching leather saddle bag and leather bar wrap.

All proceeds from the sales of the 74 Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez frames are being donated to World Bicycle Relief. Read more from Specialized or if you fancy it this is where you can buy the Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez.

Specialized 40 Anniversary Allez

Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez

Specialized 40th Anniversary Allez

Specialized 40 Anniversary Allez

Specialized 40 Anniversary Allez

specialized 40 anniversary allez 4

specialized 40 anniversary allez 3

specialized 40 anniversary allez 2

Condor Cycles Top Trumps

condor cycles top trumps tour-of-britain

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the modern Tour of Britain Condor Cycles have painted 15 Condor alumni riders to produce the Condor Cycles Top Trumps game. Ben Spurrier has drawn and painted each rider in water colour. The 15 riders have been selected from the last 5 decades and include John Herety and Bob Downs and there’s also a famous frontman in there. Each rider has been categorised by Panache, Sprinting, Climbing, Time Trial and Hardman Skiils. The Condor 1948 range is inspired by the jerseys worn by past riders, it’s a great looking kit. Download Top Trumps and read more about it on the Condor Cycles blog.

Shimano Sport Camera on a mechanic

Shimano Sport Camera: on a mechanic

The Shimano Sport Camera on a mechanic is pretty awesome. I get that Shimano are pushing the heck out of these cameras and subsequent videos but, I do like what I see. This one is from the Vuelta which we’ve been quietly enjoying. Watching this video you appreciate the energy that goes in to being neutral support (well for Shimano riders). It’s funny to here them shouting and making gestures like they forgot the camera was there. Hard to imagine dashing about swapping wheels for three weeks, never mind the riders, I wonder how many calories these guys need. The camera itself does seem to be pretty cool, especially for cyclists and more so for those on Shimano, the website for the sport camera has the details. Hope to see more of these videos as it’s interesting to get in amongst the action rather than the typical distance shots of pro races.

Shimano Sport Camera: wheel change

Shimano Sport Camera: team car

Shimano Sport Camera: Sky rider

Shimano Sport Camera: logo

two makers Randonneur Chair


Brooks England posted the Two Makers Randonneur Chair which is just too good not to share. A handcrafted rocking chair inspired by the golden age of cycling and the classic long distance bicycles crafted by framebuilders in the 1940′s. It’s built from Reynolds 631 and Brooks supplied the beautiful leather, saddle bag and leather bar tape. The steel is not painted so the brazing is on show with the makers marks on the down tubes. Two bottle cages give you somewhere to hold your drink while rocking back and forth in front of the fire. What a creation. See more build photos on Brooks England and visit the makers site, Two Makers.


Collyn’s cyclecross ride by Saffron Frameworks

 Collyn’s cyclecross ride Saffron Frameworks

This is Collyn’s cyclecross ride by Saffron Frameworks. You may have seen Collyn’s talk at the Do Lectures last year or know about her women’s outdoor adventure clothing brand Bowndling but if not, this is her new bike. You may have seen this bike on show at Bespoked earlier in the year. It’s one of my favourites, not only because i love the colour but because that frame is so neat a clean i can’t stop looking at it. The fast back seat cluster, internal cable routing and dropouts add up to one nice frame. Oh and the rear bridge is the icing on the cake. Built from Columbus Life tubing because it’s light and strong to handle cross outings. Collyn describes the bike as a “collection of memories, courage, ambition, and joy, all wrapped up into this machine of steel and rubber” and importantly “it rides like heaven”. Sounds like another great bike from Saffron Frameworks. Head to Saffron for the full story and build details.



Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014

The King of Details Vulpine have launched the Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014 range with a look book and film shot in Bergen, Norway. The film above shows just how beautiful the area is. Shot by Paul Calver it gives you a good idea what the new range has been designed to cope with, rain and cold. Ok there’s sun too and it looks like the Vulpine team had great fun making it. I’d have been happy to see a bit more of the riding in that amazing landscape.

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014

There are loads of updates to Vulpine classics like our favourites the Harrington Rain Jacket and Original Rain Jacket available for men and women. The very comfy long sleeve Alpine merino jersey and EPIC cotton shorts and trousers are also there. The socks and caps look mighty nice too.

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014 The coastal landscape of Bergen's fjords, mountains and ever-changing weather was the perfect backdrop for our latest shoot. A bit, well a lot of everything.  Plus pitch black tunnels to scare your friends in.   ULTRALIGHT QUILTED THERMAL GILET CLASSIC NAVY  The Ultralight Quilted Thermal Gilet, perfect for chilly days on and off the bike, and light enough to bunny hop in.  Water resistant fabric lightly filled with breathable, quick drying highest grade Primaloft Gold, plus tough shoulders for backpacks.  Buy now  JINZU RAW SELVEDGE CYCLING JEAN


First of the new items is the Jinzu raw selvedge cycling jean for men constructed with raw 12oz Japanese demin. Tough and comfy with no seams to sit on and a longer back so your bum isn’t on show. They also have a bit of room for your big quads and cost £179.

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014


Made with Primaloft Gold this thermal jacket (worn by middle rider above) is ideal for proper winter commutes where your hands go numb in your gloves, it’s pitch black and the wind is blowing you backwards and rain drops and leaves hit your face. A bit extreme maybe but you’d be glad to have a thermal layer to keep you warm and cosy. It costs £169, is available for men and women and works in less exaggerated weather too.

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014 Gilet


The thermal gilet is another warm layer that seems ideal for chilly mornings where you want to keep your core toasty. When it’s warmer on the way home or long evening ride it’ll pack down nicely into your bag. Over at Vulpine it’s called the Gilet of Happiness. Just what’s needed to keep you riding through the cold spell. These cost £119 for men and women.

See the full Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014 range and enjoy the upcoming winter riding. Here’s a few more photos and lastly James’s beautiful Rusby. Take a look at the polka dots on the inside of the fork. Lovely.

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014

Vulpine Autumn Winter 2014



Tour de Skandinavia – Rad Race x Aurora

 Tour de Skandinavia

This Tour de Skandinavia looks like it’s going to produce some nice imagery and hats off too how well designed it looks. Skills. The tour itself looks hardcore too. The people at Aurora have this to say; We will ride from Hamburg to Oslo in 9 days and sleep in our tents between every stage. Our crew consists of sixteen people and thirteen of them will ride the approx. 1200km on their road bike or track bike. The rest of our crew will follow in our tour van and take care of us and the equipment. We will also try to document the tour as good as possible with our cameras and hope to get back with some nice visuals for you. Good luck and looking forward to seeing more on this. Make sure you head over to Aurora as their website is full of nice stuff.

Tour de Skandinavia 2

Canyon Future-bike – PROJECT MRSC Connected

Canyon Future-bike side shot

The Canyon future-bike is a working concept that goes by the name PROJECT MRSC Connected. This bike caused a lot of interest at Eurobike this year. Generally when companies produce concepts they’re not nearly as polished as this one. We believe this is a rideable bike, although I’m not sure if the concept features are functional yet (or ever?). It wasn’t the only one future-bike on show at Eurobike either. Generally speaking I think most of us have a curious glance at these concept future bikes, it’s bit like hover cars or something, just a bit too whacky and too challenging to the current aesthetic of bicycle design. But, without this push the industry has nowhere to look to in the distant future, it’s the same for all consumer manufacturing really – if not all manufacturing with some being naturally more advanced.

Canyon Future-bike detail shot

So what is PROJECT MRSC Connected? According to the Canyon page it’s a road bike with active suspension and it’s the way that works that is pretty cool, MR (magneto-rheological) is a novel way of producing this suspension. MR is metal particles suspended in a fluid, which then become polarised when subjected to a magnetic field. The effect changes the viscosity of the fluid, rendering it solid and the pivot fixed. This all controlled by a computers and electronics and giving [almost] instant road feed-back. This technology is currently used in very modern car suspension, the video here explains how it works in cars which is much how Canyon’s would work.

Canyon Future-bike infographic

Other tech that Canyon have looked to is also inspired by cars. A cockpit computer giving feedback on the condition of the bike and telling you when and what needs doing. Built in GPS and so on, like a car in 2014 offers you really. It’s great to see this kind of thought going on in the industry and I think the active suspension via MR is likely to have a possible future in bicycles. Maybe more so on mountain bikes? Who knows. Overall we just like looking at these dream future bikes. Dream on!