Isadore Apparel – Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection


Isadore Apparel have released three new jersey’s as part of their Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection.

The Lightweight Climber’s Jersey Collection is inspired by the mythical climbs of Mount Fuji (Japan), Mount Haleakala (Hawaii) and Col de la Bonette (France). All major climbs of which Isadore Apparel founder and pro rider Martin Velits (Etixx-Quick Step) and his brother Peter Velits (Team BMC) are closely connected.

The collection consists of three designs in ultra lightweight Merino bi-component material with lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels. The lightweight jersey’s are designed to take advantage of hot summer riding and climbing.

Designed to take advantage of the characteristic look and feel of Merino wool fibers its fabric texture and construction is specifically designed to reduce overheating even in the hottest climates.

Soon we will be able to bring you more information these jerseys and the Col de la Bonette in particular. In the meantime, the Climber’s Jersey “Mount Haleakala”, “Mount Fuji” and “Col de la Bonette” are available today and retail at 130 EUROS each from www.isadoreapparel.com





Jobst Brandt 1935 – 2015

Jobst Brandt

Jobst Brandt was a legendary figure, the above image is one of my favourite iconic cycling images and has long captivated my imagination. That man in the image, Jobst is more of a rider than I will ever be and probably most people I know. I will direct you to Ray Hosler who was a personal friend, his words are the best you will read. Farewell to a legend of cycling.

alpe d’huez cycling’s greatest climb

alpe-d'huez-cycling's-greatest-climb-peter-cossins book cover

Peter Cossins, author of The Monuments which documented the history of the Classics, has a new book coming out called Alpe d’Huez: Cycling’s Greatest Climb. In it he explores the rise of Alpe d’Huez from a ski resort to one of most iconic climbs in professional cycling. Sounds interesting and will be out in the shops soon. Great cover!

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved

brooks cambium c15 carved

Brooks England have just launched the Cambium C15 Carved edition to their growing line of Brooks Cambium saddles. Made from vulcanised natural rubber with an organic cotton top these saddles are like nothing else out there. I much prefer the C15 shape to the C17, it’s sleeker and slimmer and designed for racing cycles. The C15 is shaped more like my favourite B15 Swallow but has the cut out to ease pressure. I have a B15 Imperial which has the same cutout and find it brilliant. Made in Italy and available in two colours.

Edwig Van Hooydonck – Hero

Edwig Van Hooydonck

This month’s Hero post is about a rider who decided to prematurely end his successful career rather than partake in the doping practices so common in his time.

The rider I’m referring to is none other than Edwig Van Hooydonck, or as the tifosi knew him, Eddy Bosberg. A self-professed classics rider, Van Hooydonck was a constant, sensible, and solid talent. His four victories in the Brabantse Pijl, two wins in the Ronde Van Vlaanderen (the first in his first year as a pro rider),
not to mention wins in Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne and Dwars door Vlaanderen are worthy of any great cycling champion.

But as significant as his early wins may have been, they don’t accurately reflect the depth of talent Van Hooydonck possessed. EPO and it’s eager participants stole victory after victory from the increasingly frustrated Belgian. Had he not faced such insurmountable odds, Edwig’s wins would have clearly not ended with his final 1995 victory at Brabantse Pijl.

Although he was often teased by his Dutch teammates for being so mildmannered, Van Hooydonck’s perspective on cycling was that of a proper hard man, and it would come to almost prophetically define his cycling career all the way up to his too-soon retirement: “what appeals to me most about cycling is the way you have to fight against yourself, the not giving up and the battling to the bitter end. Not a single other sport has such a personal involvement.”

Contributed by Ray, On the Back Foot. Check out his awesome Instagram feed of cycling heroes which is really worth following. instagram.com/onthebackfoot/

Howies latest bag range


A number of years ago howies showed us a neat idea in one of their catalogues. A keep right road sign stuck to the rear pocket of a backpack. This year that idea returns in its latest incarnation with the launch of two backpacks and a messenger bag. Both backpacks come with a keep right rain cover (or keep left if you drive on the other road) with a reflective sign in the middle to warn other road users to give you some width. The larger Broad Haven backpack can also use the add on shoe side pouches. Another great idea. There are plenty of pockets and compartments for all types of gear, a laptop compartment and reflective details for when you’re not using the rain cover. The Little Haven is a 10 litre version which is nice and compact. You can also buy the rain covers separately. Head to howies for the full rundown.


Brooks Expedition Line Cycle Luggage

brooks england isle of wight saddle bag_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3937

Brooks England have launched a new line of cycling luggage titled Brooks Expedition. Consisting of three bags, the Norfolk and Suffolk Panniers, Isle of Wight Saddle Bag and Handlebar Bag they are all made from a waterproof, high strength polyester. The saddle bag comes in three sizes and the handlebar bag works with the Ortlieb Klickfix mouting system too.

We were amazed that this fabric actually feels and looks like cotton and gives the bags a timeless look. Each bag comes in three colours, black, green and dove they are perfect for relaxing adventures and touring. I’d certainly have the saddle and handle bar bag for Audax riding.  Full details on Brooks England.

brooks england isle of skye handlebar bag_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3938

brooks england norfolk front pannier_headsetpress-bespoked-bristol-2015-3935

Camille McMillan’s book – The Circus on Kickstarter.

Camille McMillan’s book, The Circus is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding. In case you’re not familiar with Camille’s work, he was formerly editor at large of Rouleur magazine. His style of work has undoubtedly inspired the newer wave of cycling photographers to succeed and is an inspiration in the visual style of Headset Press. Camille is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to produce what will be a fantastic book of his work and would highly recommend getting in on the action. There are currently three days to go and it’s in need of the much deserved funding to get it done. If you need more convincing see the video above and the pictures below.

Go here to support ‘The Circus’ A book of cycling reportage photography by Camille John McMillan









A visit to Blue Lug, Tokyo, Japan

Blue Lug

There are some super ace bicycle shops jotted around the world Blue Lug is one of them. The mission of these shops, like Blue Lug, Golden Saddle, Mud Dock, Shifter Bikes and a dozen more worth mentioning is that they promote, stock and represent some of the best cycling brands that mostly fall in to the independent, outlier or iconic. Each one of these shops also has it’s independent spirit too. Blue Lug represent something of the Japanese street culture and the best of the current wave of cycling products that are good, solid and interesting.



For me, it’s how a bike shop should be, for a Monday afternoon it certainly had a good happy buzz about the place. For those in the know this shop is certainly something of iconic status, what I really like is the creativity, that unique Japanese take on it too. The shop is packed to the rafters with a range of products from the essential to the very eclectic and hidden amongst this is the weird and wonderful. The main shop area has a lush display with some rather nice builds to suit any manner of cycling excursion. Outside is fairly nondescript if it wasn’t for the bicycle parking and the Blue Lug mascot which has been turned in to a photo opportunity.


Blue Lug

Whether a shop in Tokyo, Portland, Bristol, London etc, they need supporting and to be cherished. It’s the new vanguard, the new standard in bike ships and one we admire at Headset Press. So, if you’re ever in Tokyo make sure you make time to visit, just to soak up the unique atmosphere.














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